“Code of Silence” quotes

Movie Code of Silence
Andrew Davis directed this movie in 1985
Title Code of Silence
Year 1985
Director Andrew Davis
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
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Plot – Sergeant Leddye Cusack is leading a fierce struggle against some drug traffickers. He's hasty, well trained and faithfully supported by his team. He's about to incriminate Louis Comacho's gang, but Tony Luna's henchmen interfere carrying away all the drug and the money and massacring their rivals. Two officers are killed as well. Cusack now is accused of carelessness and is criticated by his team, so he decides to work on his own. During a chase, Luna dies in an accident and Comacho kills Luna's mother and kidnaps his daughter Diana. Now the rude sergeant is almost moved by Luna family's fate and he manages to free the terrified girl.
All actors – Chuck Norris, Henry Silva, Bert Remsen, Mike Genovese, Nathan Davis, Ralph Foody, Allen Hamilton, Ron Henriquez, Joe Guzaldo, Molly Hagan, Ron Dean, Wilbert Bradley
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  • “- Diana Luna: What do you do when you don't have someone?
    - Eddie Cusack: You find someone!”

    Molly Hagan - Diana Luna
    Chuck Norris - Eddie Cusack
  • “- Music: What the hell are those guys up to?
    - Brennan: Going to work, what do you think?
    - Music: At this hour?
    - Brennan: Don't worry about it. Let it roll! They've got a hard ass for a boss, just like us.”

    Gene Barge - Music
    Ron Dean - Brennan
    [Tag:boss, job, working]
  • “- Commander Kates: Where's Cusack?
    - Cragie: He's saving the world.”

    Bert Remsen - Commander Kates
    Ralph Foody - Cragie
  • “When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.”
    Chuck Norris - Eddie Cusack
  • “- Cragie: You gotta take a leak, do it now.
    - Nick Kopalas: On some poor bastard's grave?
    - Cragie: Who cares? If someone was smart, they'd rip out all these graves and plant tomatoes. These people are no good. They're dead!”

    Ralph Foody - Cragie
    Joe Guzaldo - Nick Kopalas
    [Tag:death, grave, need]
  • “Hey Sarge! You know how a Camacho's like a cue ball? Cause the harder you hit 'em, the better their English gets.”
    Ron Dean - Brennan