“Under Siege” quotes

Movie Under Siege
Andrew Davis directed this movie in 1992
Title Under Siege
Year 1992
Director Andrew Davis
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – On the battleship "Missouri" is about to land a helicopter with the playmate Jordan Tate and the band of William Strannix for the captain’s birthday party but, actually, it is an excuse. With the help of Commander Krill, in fact, Strannix takes the "Missouri" over and blackmails the US President with the threat of using nuclear weapons that are in the ship. The plan seems to work perfectly, until the chef Casey appears.
All actors – Steven Seagal, Damian Chapa, Troy Evans, David McKnight, Lee Hinton, Patrick O'Neal, Gary Busey, Glenn Morshower, Leo Alexander, John Rottger, Brad Rea, Michael Welden
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  • “- Casey Ryback: What made you flip like this?
    - William Strannix: I got tired of coming up with last-minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other fucking people.
    - Casey Ryback: All of your ridiculouspitiful antics aren't gonna change a thing. You and me, we're puppets in the same sick game. We serve the same master, and...” (continue)
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    Steven Seagal - Casey Ryback
    Tommy Lee Jones - William Strannix
  • “- Tom Breaker: Bill, if this is about reliving the 60's, you can forget about it, buddy. The movement is dead.
    - William Strannix: Yes, of course! Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face. You tried to kill me you son of a bitch... so...” (continue)
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    Nick Mancuso - Tom Breaker
    Tommy Lee Jones - William Strannix
  • “- Admiral Bates: This is Admiral Bates speaking. I am trying to get a hold of Chief Ryback. Is he about?
    - Jordan Tate: He's in a gunfight right now. I'm gonna have to take a message.”

    Andy Romano - Admiral Bates
    Erika Eleniak - Jordan Tate
  • “Johnson, how is the Captain gonna authorize a surprise birthday party for himself?”
    Glenn Morshower - Ensign Taylor
  • “- Admiral Bates: Now, since your ass is on the line, sailor, I authorize you right now, to do whatever you can to aid in the arrival of the SEAL Team. Because if I goddamn can't control you, I might as well support you. Correct?
    - Casey Ryback: That's affirmative, sir!”

    Andy Romano - Admiral Bates
    Steven Seagal - Casey Ryback
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  • - Admiral Bates: Mr. Strannix... this is Admiral Bates speaking. Would you please tell us why the hell you're doing this?
    - William Strannix: Hi, admiral. Six months ago, your boy Tom Breaker cancelled operation "Cleopatra", and shortly thereafter two young men from Langley showed up in Miami tried to cancel me along with it. Now you did receive... (continue)
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    Andy Romano - Admiral Bates
    Tommy Lee Jones - William Strannix
  • “- William Strannix: These things are gonna sell like hotcakes!
    - Commander Krill: Absolutely.
    - William Strannix: What are you gonna do when you get two hundred million dollars in the bank?
    - Commander Krill: Buy the presidency!”

    Tommy Lee Jones - William Strannix
    Gary Busey - Commander Krill
  • “- Jordan Tate: I hate being alone.
    - Casey Ryback: Do you hate being dead?”

    Erika Eleniak - Jordan Tate
    Steven Seagal - Casey Ryback
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