“Come See the Paradise” quotes

Movie Come See the Paradise
Title Come See the Paradise
Year 1990
Director Alan Parker
Genre Drama, Romance, War
Interpreted by
All actors – Dennis Quaid, Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Shizuko Hoshi, Stan Egi, Ronald Yamamoto, Akemi Nishino, Naomi Nakano, Brady Tsurutani, Elizabeth Gilliam, Shyree Mezick, Caroline Junko King
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  • “I don't know why I left your papa that day, but sometimes you get pushed and pulled without ever knowing the reasons why. But I knew I couldn't stay. I had to be with Mama and Papa Kawamura.”
    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
  • “- Eddie: You people caused quite a stir.
    - Jack McGurn: It was a legal demonstration, sir. Perfectly within the Constitution.
    - Eddie: Well, all that striking stuff is over now, mister. When Japs step on the beach, you think they'll take any notice of your banners? They'll stick a bayonet in your belly, grievance or no grievance. This is America...” (continue)
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    Paul A. DiCocco Jr. - Eddie
    Dennis Quaid - Jack McGurn
    [Tag:america, japan, war]
  • “- Dulcie Kawamura: You let him kiss you just like that? In a Chop Suey restaurant? Are you going to tell Mama?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: No. And neither are you.”

    Akemi Nishino - Dulcie Kawamura
    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
    [Tag:family, kiss, secrets]
  • “- Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Japanese aren't allowed to marry non-Japanese in the state of California.
    - Older Mini McGann: Why?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Because it was against the California laws.
    - Older Mini McGann: So where did you go?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Seattle.
    - Older Mini McGann: Why did you go to Seattle?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: 'Cause...” (continue)
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    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
    Caroline Junko King - Older Mini McGann
  • “- Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Can you read that?
    - Jack McGurn: Yeah. My Japanese is getting better every day.
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Actually, it's in Chinese. It might help you if you turn your menu up the other way.”

    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
    Dennis Quaid - Jack McGurn
    [Tag:language, reading]
  • “- Jack McGurn: I agree to hand out a bundle of leaflets, and you act as if I'm going out to kill someone.
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Because you know one thing will lead to another, and it'll make you crazy. You can't spit against Heaven, Jack!
    - Jack McGurn: Oh, don't give me that Japanese shit!”

    Dennis Quaid - Jack McGurn
    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
    [Tag:advice, behavior, risk]
  • “It was a beautiful day. It was the best wedding anyone had ever had. We had flowers. We had champagne. It was the best day of my life.”
    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura