“Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232” quotes

Movie Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232
Title Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232
Year 1992
Director Lamont Johnson
Genre Drama, Action
All actors – Charlton Heston, Richard Thomas, James Coburn, Leon Russom, John M. Jackson, Tom O'Brien, Philip Baker Hall, Tom Everett, Carmen Argenziano, Bruce McGill, Arthur Rosenberg, Bill Geisslinger
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  • “- Gary Brown: Where did you get your bedside manner? College?
    - Chuck Sundberg: No, I was an English major. My medical degree is from Vietnam.”

    Richard Thomas - Gary Brown
    Bill Geisslinger - Chuck Sundberg
    [Tag:behavior, war]
  • “- Chuck Sundberg: I don't want you taking anymore meetings, no more 5 AM thank-you letters. Go home and you sleep. I know you will. I just laced your coffee.
    - Gary Brown: You did not.
    - Chuck Sundberg: No, but I'll belt you if I have to.”

    Bill Geisslinger - Chuck Sundberg
    Richard Thomas - Gary Brown
    [Tag:rest, stress]
  • “- Marg: Rescue One, this is Comm Center. What have you got there, dear?
    - Gary Brown: She's down and burning! It's a big jet fuel fire. Bob says we got plenty of foam but not water. We need every truck full!
    - Marg: What about survivors?
    - Gary Brown: I don't think so, Marg.”

    Richard Thomas - Gary Brown
  • “- Chuck Sundberg: I'm just beginning to feel it.
    - Gary Brown: Feel what?
    - Chuck Sundberg: Stress. You know what it's called just as well as I do, post-traumatic stress. We're all going to go through it. When this is all over, we're all going to need a little therapy, and just plain talking to people we love.”

    Bill Geisslinger - Chuck Sundberg
    Richard Thomas - Gary Brown
    [Tag:mind, stress]
  • “- Chris Porter: Well sir, you look real good.
    - Al Haynes: I tell you, it sure beats rigor mortis.”

    Tom O'Brien - Chris Porter
    Charlton Hesto - Captain Al Haynes
  • “- Dennis Fitch: Tell you what. We'll all have a beer when we get this sucker down.
    - Al Haynes: I don't drink, but I'll sure as hell have one on that!”

    Arthur Rosenberg - Dennis Fitch
    Charlton Hesto - Captain Al Haynes
  • “- Reporter: How did it feel to save that boy?
    - Lt. Colonel Dennis Nielsen: God saved that boy, I just carried him.”

    John M. Jackson - Lt. Colonel Dennis Nielsen
    [Tag:feeling, god, rescue]