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  • “The hard part isn't making the decision. It's living with it.”

    Bruce McGill - Jonas Cantrell
    [Tag:decision, results]
  • “- Stanford Marks: You're the girl with the perfumed poo-poo bags, aren't you?
    - Elle Woods: Actually I'm the woman with the scented waste receptacles, but yes.”

    Bruce McGill - Stanford Marks
    Reese Witherspoon - Elle Woods
  • “We're known each other a long time. On one hand I'm your friend, on the other I'm your boss. Now as your friend, you don't follow orders. You're unmanageable. Hell, you don't even obey the law, and you don't think before you act. And now as your boss, you're fired.”

    Bruce McGill - Frank Daniels
    [Tag:boss, friends, job]
  • “Most of us, we bang around the game for a while, then we are forgotten. Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, DiMaggio, those guys were bigger than the game, and I know that is not what you want. But right now, whether you like it or not, you're bigger than the game. And this is your chance to go out there and show them what you're made of, and that you owe to...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Bruce McGill - Ralph Houk
  • “When I'm playing comedy, I never do 'jokes'.”
    Bruce McGill
  • “When I got the offer to do 'Weird Ernie' in the pilot, I was living in New York, and somebody had made a mistake, and they made an offer that was supposed to be $2,500 for the job, but they offered $25,000. I couldn't turn that down. I'd never heard of anything like that!”
    Bruce McGill
  • “I really loved working with Michael Caine. He's a really skilled and experienced actor.”
    Bruce McGill
  • “- Phil McCullough: Mr. President, we have to act strong.
    - President Ashton: No we have to be strong. We have the world's sympathy. Let's honor them.”

    Bruce McGill - Phil McCullough
    William Hurt - President Ashton
  • - Mike Mathews: It just happened, Joe. It...
    - Joe Hallenbeck: Sure, sure, I know... it just happened. Could have happened to anybody. It was an accident, right? You tripped, slipped on the floor and accidentally stuck your dick in my wife. "Whoops! I'm so sorry, Mrs. H. I guess this just isn't my week".

    Bruce McGill - Mike Matthews
    Bruce Willis - Joe Hallenbeck
  • “- Mace Hurley: We're getting a room for Dolly. We can help you, we want to help you! We can help you with a place to stay, we can help you with money!
    - Karen Silkwood: But first I have to sign something, right? Sayin' I did all this?
    - Mace Hurley: Just in your own words what happened.
    - Karen Silkwood: Okay... uh, in my own words. I'm...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Bruce McGill - Mace Hurley
    Meryl Streep - Karen Silkwood
    [Tag:death, helping]
  • “- Fanning: According to the cab company's dispatch unit, he's been driving that cab for twelve years.
    - Pedrosa: So what?
    - Fanning: So you're telling me the guy walks into a phone booth, and shazam, changes into a meat-eater super assassin? What's he do, squeeze them in between fares?”

    Mark Ruffalo - Fanning
    Bruce McGill - Pedrosa
    [Tag:job, killing]
  • “- Ralph Houk: You're reading the fan mail? You're letting the fans run the team?
    - Dan Topping: The fans pay your salary, Ralph.
    - Ralph Houk: Well, you can change the lineup if you want, but not while I'm manager. And I'll tell you something else, the right guy is going to break that stupid record!”

    Bruce McGill - Ralph Houk
    Bob Gunton - Dan Topping
    [Tag:management, team]
  • “We have an old saying in Delta House: don't get mad, get even.”
    Bruce McGill - Daniel Simpson Day
    [Tag:proverbs, revenge]
  • “- Joe Gould: You're all heart.
    - Jimmy Johnston: My heart is for my family. My brains and my balls are for business.”

    Paul Giamatti - Joe Gould
    Bruce McGill - Jimmy Johnston
    [Tag:brain, business, heart]
  • “- Tobacco Lawyer: Mr Motley, we have rights here.
    - Ron Motley: Oh, you have rights! And lefts, ups, downs and middles. So what?”

    Wings Hauser - Tobacco Lawyer
    Bruce McGill - Ron Motley
  • “- Mike Matthews: What did you do last night?
    - Joe Hallenbeck: I think I fucked a squirrel to death, and don't remember.”

    Bruce McGill - Mike Matthews
    Bruce Willis - Joe Hallenbeck
  • “- Karen Silkwood: You think I contaminated myself, you think I did that?
    - Mace Hurley: I think you'd do just about anything to shut down this plant.”

    Meryl Streep - Karen Silkwood
    Bruce McGill - Mace Hurley
  • “- Matuzak: Damn it, Ricky, I catch you fucking this machine again, I'll break your neck.
    - Ricky: Sorry, chief.
    - Walker: Looks like safe sex to me.”

    Bruce McGill - Matuzak
    Scott Bellis - Ricky
    Jean-Claude Van Damme - Walker