“Don Verdean” quotes

Movie Don Verdean
Title Don Verdean
Year 2015
Director Jared Hess
Genre Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Don Verdean is an archaeologist, expert of biblical artifacts. He's hired by the pastor of a small church to find new relics in the Holy Land. The priest wants to use them to increase the believers' faith, but the expedition is unsuccessful and the man is forced to stage a fraud.
All actors – Sam Rockwell, Amy Ryan, Will Forte, Danny McBride, Jemaine Clement, Steve Park, Leslie Bibb, Sky Elobar, P.J. Boudousqué, Yaniv Moyal, Jared Shipley, Logan Rogan
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  • “I want to come to the States. I want to live the American Dream for a while. And get a Pontiac. And I want the Levi's jeans, acid wash, super taper. Like John Stamos. I want a wife, Don. I'm lonelyhere. She has to be gentle and sweet and hot like stripper.”
    Jemaine Clement - Boaz
    [Tag:solitude, wife, wishes]
  • “If I can put that piece of the puzzle together, I can finally close the door on all this dinosaur nonsense, prove that that stuff never existed. Just a hodgepodge of different reptilian bones.”

    Danny McBride - Tony Lazarus
  • “- Carol Jensen: You know, in the eight months that you've known me, you've never asked me one thing about my personal life. I-I-I assumed it was a professionalcourtesy, but now I realize you think of me as a mindless subordinate.
    - Don Verdean: Now, Carol, that's not true. I just never thought you had a personal life.”

    Amy Ryan - Carol Jensen
    Sam Rockwell - Don Verdean
    [Tag:irony, privacy]
  • “- Boaz: So, Carol, I've been meaning to ask you since I met you what qualities are you looking for in a mate?
    - Carol Jensen: Oh, um... I'm sorry, Boaz, I was under the impression you had some questions about Jesus of Nazareth.
    - Boaz: Oh, yeah. What is it that you like about that guy?”

    Jemaine Clement - Boaz
    Amy Ryan - Carol Jensen
    [Tag:christ, like]
  • “- Boaz: There are a lot of rocks out there, Don. They all look the same. How do I know which one is the one?
    - Don Verdean: Well, it can't be that hard. We need the one with breasts.
    - Boaz: Oh, the breasts. Okay, that one.”

    Jemaine Clement - Boaz
    Sam Rockwell - Don Verdean