“East Is East” quotes

Movie East Is East
Title East Is East
Year 1999
Director Damien O'Donnell
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – George Khan is a proud and conservative Pakistan who has emigrated to Manchester and owns a fish&chips shop. He's married to Ella, an English woman from Lancashire. Their seven children don't want to follow the Islamic religion, moreover Nazir, his eldest son, rejects an arranged marriage because he's gay, so he leaves the house to become a fashion designer. The youngest son undergoes circumcision, meanwhile George chooses two wives for Abdul and Tarik, but their brother Saleem ruins everything and their father reacts brutally. He argues with Ella, then he meditates and thinks that he needs to change his behavior.
All actors – Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Jordan Routledge, Archie Panjabi, Emil Marwa, Chris Bisson, Jimi Mistry, Raji James, Ian Aspinall, Lesley Nicol, Emma Rydal, Ruth Jones
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  • “Who the frig do you think you are? You come in here, telling me that my house isn't good enough for your daughters? Well, your daughters aren't good enough for my sons, or my house, and if I hear another word against my family, I will stick that fanny over your bastard head!”

    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    [Tag:family, pride, respect]
  • “- Meenah Khan: Have you seen the state of them two? The one with the teeth's got a mustache like Dad.
    - Maneer Khan: Tariq looks like Quasimodo.
    - Ella Khan: Kids. Were your two like that, Mrs. Shah?
    - Mrs. Shah: No. I believe in strict discipline. Especially in a non-Pakistani environment.”

    Archie Panjabi - Meenah Khan
    Emil Marwa - Maneer Khan
    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    Leena Dhingra - Mrs. Shah
  • “- Mrs. Shah: This is an insult to me and my family! I will never allow my daughters to marry into this jungly family of half-breeds!
    - Ella Khan: Well, they may be half-bred, but at least they're not friggin' inbred like them two monstrosities.”

    Leena Dhingra - Mrs. Shah
    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
  • “You let one of 'em in, and the whole fuckin' tribe turns up.”

    John Bardon - Mr. Moorhouse
  • “- Abdul Khan: I'm gettin' married.
    - Mark: Who to?
    - Abdul Khan: Dunno. My dad hasn't bothered introducing us yet.”

    Raji James - Abdul Khan
    Gary Lewis - Mark
    [Tag:family, marriage]
  • - Ella Khan: They filmed "The Dambusters" here.
    - Meenah Khan: Mam, you say that everytime we come to Bradford.
    - Ella Khan: Well, they bloody did.

    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    Archie Panjabi - Meenah Khan
    [Tag:habit, movie]
  • “- Ella Khan: Do you think I'm a good mother?
    - Auntie Annie: No, I think you're a friggin' awful mother.”

    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    Lesley Nicol - Auntie Annie
    [Tag:contempt, mother]
  • “I won't have my son looking like bastard hippie.”
    Om Puri - George Khan
  • - Ella Khan: The children have a right to know.
    - George Khan: What do you mean, "right"?

    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    Om Puri - George Khan
    [Tag:marriage, rights]
  • “- George Khan: You bring shame on the family!
    - Ella Khan: No, you should be ashamed, George. Because you're not interested in these kids being happy. You just want to prove to everybody what a great man you are. Because you're ashamed of me, George, and you're ashamed of our kids. And you won't even admit it.”

    Om Puri - George Khan
    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan