“Haunted Honeymoon” quotes

Movie Haunted Honeymoon
Gene Wilder directed this movie in 1986
Title Haunted Honeymoon
Year 1986
Director Gene Wilder
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance, Horror
Plot – Larry is considered very odd by his girlfriend Vicky and his colleagues. They are two well-known radio performers in New York, specialized in horror dramas: Larry has unusual visions, he fears thunders' rumbles and his werewolf's howls are chilling. As his rich aunt Kate appointed him as his only testamentary heir, the young man visits her castle during a heavy rainy night to introduce his girlfriend Vicky to her. There Larry meets all his relatives, who actually want him dead to enjoy Kate's great fortune. They think to scare him to death with tricks, apparitions, noises and two authentic corpses, but the plot will be thwarted because only his young cousin Charles wants Larry dead. As he manages to kill him, an overflowing aunt Kate kills Charles indeed. Larry and Vicky, assured then of their financial situation, get married. As they leave for the honeymoon on their car, they hear in the distance the awful howls of genuine werewolf.
All actors – Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise, Jonathan Pryce, Bryan Pringle, Peter Vaughan, Eve Ferret, Paul L. Smith, Julann Griffin, Jim Carter, Jo Ross, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Billy J. Mitchell, R.J. Bell, Ann Way, Will Kenton, Don Fellows, Lou Hirsch, Christopher Muncke, Bill Bailey, David Healy, Howard Swinson, Edward Wiley, Andrea Browne, Matt Zimmerman, Barbara Rosenblat, William Hootkins, Francis Drake, Mac McDonald, Colin Bruce, John Bloomfield, Sally Osborne, Alastair Haley, Andy Ross, Claire Deniz, Paul Henessey, Brian Kershaw, Don Morgan, Ernest Mothle, Zorak Okai, Robert Turrell, Justin Ward
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