Werewolf quotes

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  • “- Daniel: Even a man who's pure in heart and says his prayers by night...
    - Ilonka: ...will become a werewolf when the wolf bane blooms and the moon is full and bright.”

    J. Carrol Naish - Daniel
    Elena Verdugo - Ilonka
    [Tag:purity, werewolf]
  • “My brother John, from whom you are all descended, was bitten on the back of his neck by something that was half animal, half human. From that moment on, he was hairy, all over.”
    Dom DeLuise - Aunt Kate
    [Tag:changing, werewolf]
  • “- Carl: Now, you won't turn into a werewolf until your first full moon. That's two days from now. So we have 48 hours to find a solution. But you'll still be able to fight Dracula's hold over you until the final stroke of midnight.
    - Van Helsing: Sounds like I have nothing to worry about.
    - Carl: Oh, my God, you should be terrified!”

    David Wenham - Carl
    Hugh Jackman - Abraham Van Helsing
    [Tag:fear, vampire, werewolf]
  • “We have to warn people, Chris. We have to make them believe.”

    Dee Wallace - Karen White
    [Tag:belief, supernatural, werewolf]
  • “I know that one of you is a werewolf. I saw you in the garden this afternoon.”
    Dom DeLuise - Aunt Kate
    [Tag:discovery, werewolf]
  • “The killing had begun, but at first, no one knew it. You see, Arnie Westrum was a chronic drunk. And what happened seemed like an accident. The county coroner concluded Arnie had passed out on the tracks. There wasn't enough evidence to conclude anything else.”

    Tovah Feldshuh - Older Jane
    [Tag:killing, werewolf]
  • “- Jane Coslaw: In the made-up stories, the guy who's the werewolf only changes when the moon is full, but maybe he's like this almost all the time, only as the moon gets fuller...
    - Marty Coslaw: The guy gets wolfier.”

    Megan Follows - Jane Coslaw
    Corey Haim - Marty Coslaw
    [Tag:moon, werewolf]
  • “- Maleva: Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself.
    - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man: Don't hand me that. You're just wasting your time.
    - Maleva: The wolf bit you, didn't he?”

    Maria Ouspenskaya - Maleva
    Lon Chaney Jr. - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man
    [Tag:legend, werewolf, wound]
  • “- Frankenstein's Monster: You've been bitten. Bitten by a werewolf. Now you will become that which you have hunted so passionately.
    - Van Helsing: I am sorry...
    - Frankenstein's Monster: May others be as passionate in the hunting of you.”

    Shuler Hensley - Frankenstein's Monster
    Hugh Jackman - Abraham Van Helsing
    [Tag:hunting, passion, werewolf]
  • “- Uncle Red: What the heck you gonna shoot a .44 bullet at anyway... made out of silver?
    - Mac: How about a werewolf?”

    Gary Busey - Uncle Red
    Conrad McLaren - Mac
    [Tag:weapons, werewolf]
  • “- Harold Howard: Listen son. You're going to be able to do a lot of things the other guys aren't.
    - Scott Howard: Oh yeah, like chase cars, and bite the mailman?”

    James Hampton - Harold Howard
    Michael J. Fox - Scott Howard
    [Tag:ability, werewolf]
  • “- Maleva: You killed the wolf.
    - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man: There's no crime in that is there?
    - Maleva: The wolf was Bela.
    - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man: You think I don't know the difference between a wolf and a man?”

    Maria Ouspenskaya - Maleva
    Lon Chaney Jr. - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man
    [Tag:killing, mistake, werewolf]
  • “It isn't a wolf... it's a werewolf!”
    Lon Chaney Jr. - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man
    [Tag:animals, werewolf]
  • “I guess there's no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf.”
    Judy Greer - Joanie
    [Tag:birth control, sex, werewolf]
  • “- Scott Howard: Styles, I got something to tell you. It's kind of hard, but...
    - Stiles: Look, are you gonna tell me you're a fag because if you're gonna tell me you're a fag, I don't think I can handle it.
    - Scott Howard: I'm not a fag. I'm... a werewolf.”

    Michael J. Fox - Scott Howard
    Jerry Levine - Stiles
    [Tag:confession, homosexuality, werewolf]
  • “Silver bullets or fire, that's the only way to get rid of the damn things. They're worse than cockroaches.”

    Dick Miller - Walter Paisley - Bookstore Owner
    [Tag:killing, supernatural, werewolf]
  • “- Andy McDermott: I didn't choose to become a werewolf. I can't face the fact that I've got to go around killing and eating people for the rest of my life.
    - Brad: Better get used to it.”

    Tom Everett Scott - Andy McDermott
    Vince Vieluf - Brad
    [Tag:concern, killing, werewolf]
  • - Erle Kenton: We should have stuck with the old ways. Raising cattle for our feed. Where's the life in that?
    - Charlie Barton: Humans are our cattle.
    - Erle Kenton: Humans are our prey. We should feed on them, like we've always done. Screw all this "channel your energies" crap.

    John Carradine - Erle Kenton
    Noble Willingham - Charlie Barton
    [Tag:eating, mankind, werewolf]
  • “- Sir John Talbot: Yes, that's the sign of the werewolf.
    - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man: That's just a legend though, isn't it?
    - Sir John Talbot: Yes, but like most legends, it must have some basis in fact. It's probably an ancient explanation of the dual personality in each of us.”

    Claude Rains - Sir John Talbot
    Lon Chaney Jr. - Larry Talbot - The Wolf Man
    [Tag:legend, reality, werewolf]
  • “A secret society exists, and is living among all of us. They are neither people nor animals, but something in-between.”
    Dee Wallace - Karen White
    [Tag:secrets, supernatural, werewolf]