“Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again” quotes

Movie Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again
Title Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again
Original title Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again
Year 1982
Director Jerry Belson
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music
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Plot – In a Los Angeles hospital, good Dr. Jekyll creates a substance to make men lose their real instincts. One night, Jekyll accidentally inhales a mixture and immediately he turns into the randy and womanizer Mr. Hyde. Jekyll is rewarded with an important scientific prize, but it's Hyde to collect it in London, causing laughters, turmoil and scandals.
All actors – Mark Blankfield, Bess Armstrong, Krista Errickson, Tim Thomerson, Michael McGuire, Neil Hunt, Cassandra Peterson, Jessica Nelson, Peter Brocco, Michael Klingher, Noelle North, David Murphy
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  • - Jekyll: How far into the muck of my beast ancestors have I descended?
    [a "baa" is heard from offscreen. Jekyll turns and sees a sheep]
    - Jekyll: That far?

    Mark Blankfield - Dr. Henry Jekyll
    [Tag:ancestry, breed]
  • “- Woman in Jaguar: Rape! Rape!
    - Hyde: Later, if I have time.”

    Sheila Rogers - Woman in Jaguar
    Mark Blankfield - Mr. Edward Hyde
  • “- Customs Man at Heathrow: Anything to declare, sir?
    - Hyde: Man has not evolved an inch from the primordial slime that spawned him.
    - Customs Man at Heathrow: Very good, sir.”

    Mark Blankfield - Mr. Edward Hyde
  • “- Hyde: I'm a drug crazed beast with a giant erection that won't go away no matter how many times I do it. You're a nurse; what can you give me for it?
    - Nurse with Telegram: I can give you sixty dollars and my wedding ring.
    - Hyde: Bus fare! I need big money for drugs!”

    Mark Blankfield - Mr. Edward Hyde
    Lin Shaye - Nurse with Telegram
  • “- Hydettes: Some follow their hearts...
    - Hyde: I follow my nose!
    - Hydettes: Some put on airs...
    - Hyde: I take off my clothes!”

    Veda Jackson - Hydettes
    Mark Blankfield - Mr. Edward Hyde
    [Tag:clothes, heart, nose]
  • “- Dr. Knute Lanyon: Yes. By the way, have I told you how lovely you look tonight?
    - Mary Carew: No.
    - Dr. Knute Lanyon: That's only because I hate women.”

    Tim Thomerson - Dr. Knute Lanyon
    Bess Armstrong - Mary Carew