“Laws of Attraction” quotes

Movie Laws of Attraction
Title Laws of Attraction
Year 2004
Director Peter Howitt
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods are two of the most famous divorce attorneys in New York. During their careers they have seen love ending in the worst ways and they have very different approaches to the profession. She strictly adheres to what is written in the lawcode, while he tries to win using only his own judgment and his own abilities. One day they find themselves one against the other in the divorce trial of two well-known public figures who are vying for an Irish castle. During the trip to Ireland, where they both go in search of evidence and depositions in favor of their clients, Daniel and Audrey find they are attracted to each other and, because of a romantic folk festival, one morning find themselves married. Back in New York, they will have to cope with their new situation.
All actors – Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Michael Sheen, Parker Posey, Frances Fisher, Nora Dunn, Heather Ann Nurnberg, Johnny Myers, Mike Doyle, Allan Houston, Annie Ryan, Vincent Marzello
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