“An Ideal Husband” quotes

Movie An Ideal Husband
Oliver Parker directed this movie in 1999
Title An Ideal Husband
Year 1999
Director Oliver Parker
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – London, 1890. Sir Robert Chiltern is a politician with a bright career ahead. He's also a perfect gentleman and a lovely husband for his wife, the beautiful Lady Chilten. This ideal atmosphere is interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Cheveley, a woman feared by the whole city. This woman, who wants to win the favor of Sir Robert, threatens him to reveal some dark and dangerous secrets of his past life: the man suddenly feels surrounded and falls into fear. Robert asks help to his friend Lord Arthur Goring, a convinced bachelor and womanizer. Misunderstandings intertwine endlessly and disarrange the various couples. Finally Mrs. Cheveley is induced to silence and Robert reconciles with his wife. Arthur proposes to Mable and many other marriages will follow.
All actors – Peter Vaughan, Rupert Everett, Minnie Driver, Cate Blanchett, Ben Pullen, Marsha Fitzalan, Julianne Moore, Lindsay Duncan, Neville Phillips, John Wood, Jeremy Northam, Nickolas Grace
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