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Movie O
Tim Blake Nelson directed this movie in 2001
Title O
Year 2001
Director Tim Blake Nelson
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller
Plot – This 'Othello' version is set in a private school in the South of USA. Odin James, the only black student there, is a rising star of the basketball team and he's happily in love with Daisy, the principal's daughter. The couple is envied by Hugo Goulding, the basketball team coach's son. Even Hugo's roommate, Roger Rodriguez, is in love with Daisy, but Odin will be able to convince everyone that Daisy has a story with Michael Casio, another basketball player.
All actors – Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, Andrew Keegan, Julia Stiles, Rain Phoenix, Elden Henson, Martin Sheen, John Heard, Anthony Johnson, Chris Dong, Rachel Shumate, Marshall Gitter, Lisa Benavides, Chris Freihofer, Ken French, Dana Ratliff, Christopher Jones, Ronalda Stover, Kelvin O'Bryant, Jack Munn, Michael Flippo, James Middleton, Julie Fishell, Wally Welch, Zac David, James Galloway, Michael Givens, Chase Page, Rick Streeter, Doug Ayers, Dal Conner, David Dooley, Justin Ferira, Jaime Ingram, Jantz Baker, Jerred Clarke, Christopher Grooms, Shawn Hill, Parker Kirby, Sean Murphy, Jon Rosenbloom, Derek Zieminski, Richard Grandison, Evan Jones, Errol McPherson, Nathan Monroe, Tony Moore, Bernard Smalls, Quintral Washington, Luke Benko, Josh Bunnelle, Shannon DeSalvo, Lindsay Huff, Mark Miller
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  • “All my life I always wanted to fly. I always wanted to live like a hawk. I know you're not supposed to be jealous of anything, but... to take flight, to soar above everything and everyone, now that's living. But a hawk is no good around normal birds. It can't fit in. Even though all the other birds probably wanna be hawks; they hate him for what...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Josh Hartnett - Hugo Goulding
  • “My life is over, that's it. But while all ya'll are out here livin' yours, sitting around talking about the nigger who lost it back in high school, you make sure you tell them the truth. You tell them I loved that girl! I did! But I got played!”
    Mekhi Phifer - Odin James
    [Tag:gossip, love, mocking]
  • “- Emily: All this time I've been looking for romance and all I had to do was steal something.
    - Hugo Goulding: You didn't steal anything, you just borrowed it for a little while. And if you wouldn't mind I'd like to borrow you.”

    Rain Phoenix - Emily
    Josh Hartnett - Hugo Goulding