“Leaves of Grass” quotes

Movie Leaves of Grass
Tim Blake Nelson directed this movie in 2009
Title Leaves of Grass
Year 2009
Director Tim Blake Nelson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – Bill Kincaid learns his twin brother Brady is died. He has to leave his job as philosophy professor at Brown University to return to his home country, the rural Oklahoma. When he arrives, Bill learns his brother's death has been quite exaggerated. Soon he finds himself involved in one of Brady's plots.
All actors – Edward Norton, Lucy DeVito, Kent Jude Bernard, Amelia Campbell, Tim Blake Nelson, Randal Reeder, Leo Fabian, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tina Parker, Susan Sarandon, Ty Burrell, Lee Wilkof, Melanie Lynskey, Josh Pais, Lisa Benavides-Nelson, Jenna Podell, Henry Max Nelson, Theodore Kaiser Nelson, Alyssia Dujmovich, Ken Cheeseman, Steve Earle, Keri Russell, Naima Lett, Maggie Siff, Richard Dreyfuss, Tim Ware, Tim Fletcher, Robin McGee, Chris Freihofer, , Michael C. 'Mike' Allen, Michael August, Daulton Brewer, M Charlotte Cheatham, Jon Dainty, Ella Davidson, Tammy Eaton, Ted Ferguson, John Foster, Juanita Harrison, Jim Henry, Deborah R. Jones, Lori Knighton, Jimmy Lee Jr., Krystal Mayo, Cindy McBride, Lee Ann McDade, James B. McDaniel, Eric Kelly McFarland, Amy McGee, Mysti Nash, James Paul, Jeannie Perrin, Halley Rachal, Matthew Ramsaur, Clayton S. Taylor, Sarah J. Thompson, Jonathan Tripp, Chuck Vail, Thomas Wallace, Steven E. Williams, Scott Yarnell
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