“Out for Justice” quotes

Movie Out for Justice
Title Out for Justice
Year 1991
Director John Flynn
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Many Italian-Americans of Brooklyn have become bosses or drug dealers, while others live on prostitution and illegal betting. Gino Felino has become instead a reckless cop. He's righteous and honest but he has kept in touch with many criminals, those with whom he used to play as a boy. When Richie Madano brutally kills Bobby Arms, Gino's friend and colleague, the cop explodes. Richie is a drug addict and a degenerate who works for boss Don Vincenzo who now wants Richie dead, but Gino takes his revenge first.
All actors – Steven Seagal, William Forsythe, Jerry Orbach, Jo Champa, Shareen Mitchell, Sal Richards, Gina Gershon, Jay Acovone, Nick Corello, Robert LaSardo, John Toles-Bey, Joe Spataro
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  • “- Det. Gino Felino: Who's this one over here?
    - Patti Madano: Which one?
    - Det. Gino Felino: The one with nipples you could dial a phone with.”

    Steven Seagal - Det. Gino Felino
    Gina Gershon - Patti Madano
  • “- Richie Madano: What are ya gonna do? Shoot me? I'm outta bullets!
    - Det. Gino Felino: Nope, but you see, those bullets could've saved you a lot of pain.
    - Richie Madano: I like pain.”

    William Forsythe - Richie Madano
    Steven Seagal - Det. Gino Felino
    [Tag:pain, threat, weapons]
  • “- Det. Gino Felino: You wouldn't happen to be the guy who threw a puppy out of the window of this car the other day?
    - Station Wagon Tough Guy: What's your fuckin' business anyway?
    - Det. Gino Felino: 'Cause I'm an animal lover, you know?
    - Station Wagon Tough Guy: Animal lover? Yeah? Look asshole, if you don't mind your fuckin' business I'll...” (continue)
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    Steven Seagal - Det. Gino Felino
    Sonny Zito - Station Wagon Tough Guy
    [Tag:animals, love, threat]
  • “- Det. Gino Felino: Come over here, Vinnie. Listen, you shouldn't talk to me that way. You know why? 'Cause like, you and I, we don't know each other so good. You were still suckin' your thumb when your brother was around town suckin' dicks. But just the same, you shouldn't talk so tough, all right?
    - Vinnie Madano: If my brother was here, you...” (continue)
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    Steven Seagal - Det. Gino Felino
    Anthony DeSando - Vinnie Madano
  • “The only balls he has is that badge and gun!”

    Gianni Russo - Sammy