“The Glimmer Man” quotes

Movie The Glimmer Man
Title The Glimmer Man
Year 1996
Director John Gray
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Glimmer Man, a former secret service special agent, has changed jobs and identity. Under the new name of Jack Cole he works for the New York police. However, he is ready to move when he is called to Los Angeles where a serial killer is spreading terror. Cole is joined by Jim Campbell, investigator of the local homicide squad. The two have very different characters and their differences are also perceived through their work style. Arriving at the scene of the new crime, Cole discovers that the victims are his ex-wife and her new husband and everything points to Cole being the murderer. Cole then realizes that he has to put aside the calm and detachment that he had imposed over himself in favor of greater firmness and decisiveness. The truth begins to surface when Cole discovers that the criminal is in some way connected to his past as a secret agent. It turns out that the murders are connected to illegal international trafficking, involving government officials. Cole must step back into the old fierce and ruthless agent's role to defend himself, his new family and the Government's image. The talent and skills of Cole are finally rewarded with the elimination of all the real felons.
All actors – Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Bob Gunton, Brian Cox, John M. Jackson, Michelle Johnson, Stephen Tobolowsky, Peter Jason, Ryan Cutrona, Richard Gant, Johnny Strong, Robert Mailhouse
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