“Rock Star” quotes

Movie Rock Star
Title Rock Star
Year 2001
Director Stephen Herek
Genre Drama, Comedy, Music
Plot – It is the '80s and Chris Cole has a pretty normal life during the day. However, at night he becomes the singer of 'Blood Pollution', a cover band of heany metal Steel Dragon. At about the same time, the leaders of both bands, Chris Cole and Bobby Bears, are pushed aside. Steel Dragon seeks a new soloist for the band and decides to engage Chris, who takes Bobby's place and changes his name to Easy. When Emily, Chris's girlfriend and manager, realizes that fame and post-concert-parties are overtaking and changing Chris's life, she decides to leave him. Easy goes through a phase of notoriety, having the life he had always dreamed of. He starts doubting his choices when he realizes that he wants to do something on his own but he is not allowed to. Hence, during a concert he repeats his motto that dreams can come true and he is living proof of it: he chooses someone that looks like him from the crowd and drags him on stage, switching places. Easy then leaves everything, tries to return to his old friends and to create a band that plays original music. Back in his normal life as Chris Cole, he gets back with Emily and starts playing and singing his own songs with his old friends in small gigs.
All actors – Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Dominic West, Jason Bonham, Jeff Pilson, Zakk Wylde, Timothy Spall, Blas Elias, Nick Catanese, Brian Vander Ark, Timothy Olyphant, Dagmara Dominczyk, Matthew Glave, Michael Shamus Wiles, Beth Grant, Jason Flemyng, Carey Lessard, Kristin Richardson, Jamie Williams, Keith Loneker, Sami Reed, Kara Zediker, Stephan Jenkins, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Kevin Ryder, Gene 'Bean' Baxter, Gregory Hinton, Sonya Stephens, Neil Zlozower, Kirk Enochs, Myles Kennedy, Rachel Hunter, Heidi Mark, Carrie Stevens, Amy Miller, William Martin Brennan, Lorna Scott, Ralph Saenz, Jennifer Rovero, Natalie Raynes, Jamal Weathers, Hailie Brennand, Eric Weinstein, Jamie White, Jeffrey Wetzel, Frederick E. Kowalo, Jennifer Uilani Warren, Chad Azadan, Linda Cevallos, Jennifer Edmond, Brian Friedman, Cynthia Fuhrer, Cati Jean, Edward Jenkins, Kelly Knox, Tabatha Mays, Udee McGeoy, Ted Napolitano, Tomasina Parrott, Gabriel Ramírez, Ursula Whittaker, Zachary Woodlee, Robert C. Cawley, Deana Molle', Andrew Wayne, Camille Anderson, Brad Bartlett, Stacy Bellew, Tammy Blue, Johnny Bolton, Lawrence Calvin, Jonathan Carr, Emmy Collins, Devin Corey, Teresa Couch, Bill DeWild, Johnny Drocco, Gia Franzia, Mylo Ironbear, Mariko Ishihara, Elke Jeinsen, Soraya Kelley, Rich Knight, Jill Kocalis, Eden Lake, Valerie Landsburg, Steve Larson, Deborah Leydig, Jason Charles Luedee, Troy Martin, Mike McIntosh, Julie Michaels, Louis E. Rosas, Parker Shipp, Suzi Simpson, Nicki Sixteen, Tim Taylor, Stephen Zimpel
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