“That Night” quotes

Movie That Night
Title That Night
Year 1992
Director Craig Bolotin
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Little Alice Bloom adores Sheryl O'Connor, who's seventeen and has many suitors. When Sheryl dates Rick, they exchange effusions in front of Alice's house and Mr. Bloom protests. Sheryl's mother forbids her daughter to meet Rick but the girl runs away and one night Alice goes with them to the beach. When Sheryl gets pregnant, her mother sends her to an institution and Alice and Rick go to visit her, persuading her to run away together. Later Alice receives a postcard from them.
All actors – C. Thomas Howell, Juliette Lewis, Helen Shaver, Eliza Dushku, J. Smith-Cameron, John Dossett, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Joy Stevenson, Ben Terzulli, Thomas Terzulli, Michael Costello, Kathryn Meisle
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