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  • “- Matilda: I have the adoption papers.
    - Mrs. Wormwood: What? Where did you get those?
    - Matilda: From a book in the library. I've had them since I was big enough to xerox.”

    Mara Wilson - Matilda
    Rhea Perlman - Mrs. Wormwood
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  • “Your criteria are so far up your ass, they can't see daylight! This is bullshit!”

    James Caan - Frank
    [Tag:adoption, rules]
  • “- Annie: Close your eyes. Think about your folks.
    - Molly: You're the only one who really has folks. Mine are dead.
    - Annie: Think about the folks who want to adopt you, because want a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes.”

    Aileen Quinn - Annie
    Toni Ann Gisondi - Molly
    [Tag:adoption, parents]
  • “- Mrs. Knowles: The point is, we establish criteria for parenting, and an ex-convict compared to other desirables...
    - Frank: Great, so we'll take a kid that's not so desirable. You got a black kid? We'll take a black kid. You got a chink kid?
    - Mrs. Knowles: You don't seem to understand...
    - Frank: Nobody likes older kids. You got an eight-year...” (continue)
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    Marge Kotlisky - Mrs. Knowles
    James Caan - Frank
    [Tag:adoption, children]
  • “- Daddy Warbucks: I wanna talk to you about Annie.
    - Miss Hannigan: You wanna return her and forget her? Or trade up?
    - Daddy Warbucks: I wanna adopt her.”

    Albert Finney - Daddy Warbucks
    Carol Burnett - Miss Hannigan
  • “We're gonna adopt a whole shitwhack of kids, and I am thankful that whoever has a problem with it can fuck right off!”
    Rose Byrne - Ellie
  • “If you're willing to love these kids who need a mom and dad and somebody has a problem with that, you just ask them how many goddamn kids they've adopted.”
    Octavia Spencer - Karen
  • “- Harriet Wilson: Given Luce’s background, you and Peter should have confronted fairly a number of challenges. The language barrier, the tradition shock.
    - Amy Edgar: I imply you don’t pull a child out of a warzone and have him end up like Luce with out a number of assist.
    - Harriet Wilson: Which is why that is so tough.
    - Amy Edgar:...” (continue)
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    Octavia Spencer - Harriet Wilson
    Naomi Watts - Amy Edgar
  • “- Green Aliens: You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.
    - Mrs. Potato Head: You saved their lives? My hero! They're so adorable. Let's adopt them!”

    Jeff Pidgeon - Green Aliens
    Estelle Harris - Mrs. Potato Head
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  • “- Bad Ape: Who is child?
    - Caesar: I don't know.
    - Bad Ape: But... she with you.
    - Caesar: She has no one else.”

    Steve Zahn - Bad Ape
    Andy Serkis - Caesar
    [Tag:adoption, children]
  • “If you were my brother, I'd put myself up for adoption.”

    Amy O'Neill - Amy Szalinski
    [Tag:adoption, brothers]
  • “- Leigh Anne Tuohy: I'd like to become a legal guardian.
    - CPS Welfare Worker: God help that child!”

    Sandra Bullock - Leigh Anne Tuohy
    Maria Howell - CPS Welfare Worker
    [Tag:adoption, children]
  • “After the tragic death of your father, I married your mother promising her I would raise you as my own. You chose not to take the Maggio name. I did not complain. And when you wanted to go to Beauty School, as boys who lose their fathers early in life often do, I did not snivel at interventions, did I?”
    Christopher Walken - Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
    [Tag:adoption, death, father]
  • - Juno MacGuff: No, I heard you. I just, like, don't want to give the baby to a family that describes themselves as "wholesome". Well, I don't know, I just want something a little more edgier.
    - Leah: Okay, well what did you have in mind?
    - Juno MacGuff: I was thinking more, like, graphic designer... mid thirties, you know, with a cool Asian... (continue)
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    Ellen Page - Juno MacGuff
    Olivia Thirlby - Leah
    [Tag:adoption, attitude, family]
  • “Don't breed, don't buy, don't even accept giveaways.”
    John Hoyt
    [Tag:adoption, animals]
  • “- Mother: Navin, it's your birthday, and it's time you knew. You're not our natural-born child.
    - Navin: I'm not? You mean I'm gonna stay this color?”

    Mabel King - Mother
    Steve Martin - Navin
    [Tag:adoption, birthday, colors]
  • Adopt, what. I don't want to adopt. Not with my genes. I have award winning genes.”
    Woody Allen - Lenny
    [Tag:adoption, breed]
  • “- Adoption Agent: She insisted that you were adopted by a member of the working class to save you from the curse of money.
    - Tommy Patel: How very thoughtful...”

    Bill Stewart - Adoption Agent
    Eric Idle - Tommy Butterfly Rainbow Peace Patel
    [Tag:adoption, money, rescue]
  • “- Christof: In competition with five other unwanted pregnancies, the casting of a show determined by an airdate, Truman was the one who arrived on cue.
    - Mike Michaelson: Incidentally, I believe Truman is the first child to have been legally adopted by a corporation?
    - Christof: That's correct.”

    Ed Harris - Christof
    Harry Shearer - Mike Michaelson
    [Tag:adoption, children, pregnancy]
  • “- Miss Hannigan: Just let me make sure I heard you right Miss Personal Secretary to The Oliver Warbucks. My Annie is going to be adopted by your millionaire?
    - Miss Grace Farrell: Actually, he's a billionaire.”

    Kathy Bates - Miss Agatha Hannigan
    Audra McDonald - Grace Farrell
    [Tag:adoption, children, wealth]
  • “- Adoption agency official: I'm afraid I have some difficult news for you, Miss Crawford. The agency has denied your application for adoption.
    - Joan Crawford: Why?
    - Adoption agency official: Well... you live alone. There are no other family members in the home. You have two previous divorces. You're a busy, active woman, and the candidate is...” (continue)
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    Faye Dunaway - Joan Crawford
    [Tag:adoption, denial]
  • They said we had to wait five years for a healthy white baby. I said, "healthy white baby? Five years? What else you got?". Said they got two Koreans and a negra born with his heart on the outside. It's a crazy world.
    Sam McMurray - Glen
    [Tag:adoption, children, waiting]
  • “- Space Hanlon: So you're gonna adopt a baby?
    - Lola Burns: I'm not gonna kidnap one!
    - Space Hanlon: For minute there you had me thinkin' you were going in for independent production!”

    Lee Tracy - Space Hanlon
    Jean Harlow - Lola Burns
    [Tag:adoption, kidnapping, motherhood]
  • “- Marilyn: Cool is adorable. Adorable! Why didn't you write us when you had a son?
    - Larry: I didn't know myself until a couple of months ago. You see, a few years ago, I was living in Vegas with this girl. Showgirl. She was in that show 'Elvis On Ice'. Anyhow, we drifted apart, as people do in these complicated times, and then a couple of...” (continue)
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    Eileen Ryan - Marilyn
    Tom Hulce - Larry
    [Tag:adoption, son]
  • “- Sonny Koufax: I got some interesting news.
    - Lenny Koufax: Oh yeah, what?
    - Sonny Koufax: I kind of adopted a kid.
    - Lenny Koufax: What the hell are you talking about?
    - Sonny Koufax: I'm talking about you being a grandfather! Congratulations!”

    Adam Sandler - Sonny Koufax
    Joseph Bologna - Lenny Koufax
    [Tag:adoption, children, news]