“The Bank Dick” quotes

Movie The Bank Dick
Title The Bank Dick
Year 1940
Director Edward F. Cline
Genre Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – W.C. Fields, Cora Witherspoon, Una Merkel, Evelyn Del Rio, Jessie Ralph, Franklin Pangborn, Shemp Howard, Dick Purcell, Grady Sutton, Russell Hicks, Pierre Watkin, Al Hill
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  • “There are a great many chances for advancement. Who knows? Within a short time, you may become my Vice President. My first and only vice.”

    Pierre Watkin - Mr. Skinner
    [Tag:chance, job, progress]
  • “- Egbert Sousé: Hello, Doc. How are ya? How's business?
    - Dr. Stall: Fair, fair. I don't suppose we'll ever get another whooping cough epidemic again.”

    W.C. Fields - Egbert Sousé
    Harlan Briggs - Dr. Stall
  • “I want to prove to you that I'm honest, in the worst way.”
    Russell Hicks - J. Frothingham Waterbury
  • “I've been in consultation with our Director and we've decided that what has been needed in this bank for a long time is a special officer. Or, to refer to the article of the underworld, a bank dick. In lieu of your heroism, your valiant, dauntless courage, I have the honor to offer you this position.”

    Pierre Watkin - Mr. Skinner
    [Tag:bankers, job, progress]
  • - Myrtle Sousé: What's a six-letter wordmeaning "embezzlement"?
    - Mrs. Hermisillo Brunch: Prison.

    Una Merkel - Myrtle Sousé
    Jessie Ralph - Mrs. Hermisillo Brunch
    [Tag:prison, words]
  • “Had he been a younger man, he probably would have made it. That's the point. Don't wait too long in life.”

    W.C. Fields - Egbert Sousé
  • “- Clifford Muckle - Boy in Bank: Mommy, doesn't that man have a funny nose?
    - Mrs. Muckle - Mother in Bank: You mustn't make fun of the gentleman, Clifford. You'd like to have a nose like that full of nickels, wouldn't you?”

    Bobby Larson - Clifford Muckle - Boy in Bank
    Jan Duggan - Mrs. Muckle - Mother in Bank
    [Tag:mocking, money, nose]
  • “I'll starve myself to death, it's the easiest way out. It's not so difficult to do. I tried it yesterday afternoon.”
    Una Merkel - Myrtle Sousé