“The End of the Tour” quotes

Movie The End of the Tour
Title The End of the Tour
Year 2015
Director James Ponsoldt
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – The film brings to the big screen a complex and intimate portrait of the writer David Foster Wallace, one of the best writers of our times who committed suicide on 12 September 2008. Lipsky's book, which the film is based on, is the chronicle of five days he spent with DFW while he was traveling around the United States for a reading tour of his "Infinite Jest". Lipsky adapts “The End of the Tour” adding also some ideas from the writer's official biography, "Every Love Story is a Ghost Story ", signed by “New Yorker” journalist DT Max.
All actors – Anna Chlumsky, Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Segel, Joan Cusack, Mamie Gummer, Ron Livingston, Becky Ann Baker, Mickey Sumner, Dan John Miller, Stephanie Cotton, Punnavith Koy, Alexander Christopher Jones
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  • “This piece would be so much better if it was just you. Just keep talking, you'll save me a lot of trouble.”

    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
  • “It may be in the old days what was known as a spiritual crisis: feeling as though every axiom in your life turned out to be false... and there was actually nothing. And that you were nothing.”

    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
  • “It's gonna get easier and easier... and more and more convenient and more and more pleasurable... to sit alone with images on a screen... given to us by people who do not love us but want our money. And that's fine in low doses, but if it's the basic main staple of your diet, you're gonna die.”

    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
  • “- David Lipsky: Nice view.
    - David Foster Wallace: Thank you. I can't take credit for it.”

    Jesse Eisenberg - David Lipsky
    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
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  • “- David Foster Wallace: I'm not so sure you want to be me.
    - David Lipsky: I don't.”

    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
  • “Being shy basically means being self-absorbed to the extent that it makes it difficult to be around other people.”
    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
  • “It's all a delusion and you're so much better than everybody 'cause you can see how this is just a delusion, and you're so much worse because you can't fucking function.”

    Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace
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