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Anna Chlumsky quotes
  • “- Shelly DeVoto: You know, Vada, you have to watch what you eat at the carnival. I remember one summer I went with my two older cousins, and they both ate hot dogs, and the next day they had nephritis.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Nephritis is a kidney disease, you don't get it from eating hot dogs.”

    Jamie Lee Curtis - Shelly DeVoto
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:disease, eating, food]
  • “Get outta here! And don't come back for five to seven days!”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
  • “Why is it boys talk so much, when they have nothing to say? And girls have plenty to say, but no one will listen?”
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:men, talking, women]
  • “- Shelly DeVoto: That's a pretty ring you're wearing.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: It's a mood ring. It tells me what mood i'm in.
    - Thomas J. Sennett: It doesn't work, it always stays black.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: It's only black when you're around, because you put me in a badmood.”

    Jamie Lee Curtis - Shelly DeVoto
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
  • Kids are truthful by nature.”
    Anna Chlumsky
  • “I had no idea of the size of my bank account as a teen, and I didn't care to know. That was my mom's job, I figured that I would just find out when I turned 18.”
    Anna Chlumsky
  • “When moms and dads put their kids in acting class, good luck. Because you're just filling them with stuff they don't need yet.”
    Anna Chlumsky
  • “- Rose Zsigmond: I don't suppose your father gave you permission to pierce your ears?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Not exactly.
    - Rose Zsigmond: Well, just don't shave your legs. Your father will never let you visit us again if I send you back hairless and full of holes.”

    Christine Ebersole - Rose Zsigmond
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
  • “When they come, tell them that we went boating and got lost. Nothing about Ray, and nothing about the gold.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Jody Salerno
    [Tag:gold, lies]
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: I think... everybody gets their own white horse and all they do is ride them and eat marshmallows all day. And everybody's best friends with everybody else. When you play sports, there's no teams, so nobody gets picked last.
    - Thomas J. Sennett: But what if you're afraid to ride horses?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Doesn't matter 'cause...” (continue)
    (continue reading)

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
    [Tag:animals, fear, heaven]
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: Have you ever kissed anyone?
    - Thomas J. Sennett: Like they do on TV?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Hm-mm.
    - Thomas J. Sennett: No.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Well maybe we should, just to see what's the big deal.”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
    [Tag:kiss, television]
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: Daddy, how come this coffin's so small?
    - Harry Sultenfuss: They come in all sizes, honey, like shoes.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Is it for a child?
    - Harry Sultenfuss: Of course not!
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Then for who is it?
    - Harry Sultenfuss: Short people. Very short people.”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Dan Aykroyd - Harry Sultenfuss
    [Tag:children, grave]
  • “- Beth Easton: Does your mother know you come here?
    - Jody Salerno: My mother? My mother probably thinks I'm still in the next room. You've heard about her haven't you?
    - Beth Easton: Heard what?
    - Jody Salerno: You know Beth, when you lie your whole face twitches.”

    Christina Ricci - Beth Easton
    Anna Chlumsky - Jody Salerno
    [Tag:lies, mother]
  • “- Thomas J. Sennett: I'm gonna drive us to Liverpool.
    - Shelly DeVoto: Liverpool?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Big Ringo fan.”

    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Shelly DeVoto
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:musicians, travel]
  • “Life isn't just death. Don't ignore the living.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:death, life, living]
  • “- Thomas J. Sennett: Vada?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: Yeah?
    - Thomas J. Sennett: Would you think of me?
    - Vada Sultenfuss: For what?
    - Thomas J. Sennett: Well, if you don't get to marry Mr. Bixler.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: I guess.”

    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: I love the fragrance of vintage books.
    - Nick Zsigmond: I love the fragrance of chili dogs.”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Austin O'Brien - Nick Zsigmond
    [Tag:books, food, perfume]
  • “Life's full of barbaric customs. But I hope they all end with a kiss like that.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:kiss, life, rudeness]
  • “My fears and secrets: I'm afraid I killed my mother.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    [Tag:fear, killing, secrets]
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: I want to be a writer. I want to be just like you.
    - Alfred Beidermeyer: Hmph. Me? My dear, this is not a country that rewards poetry. This is a country that rewards gas mileage. Besides, people don't read poetry anymore; they watch television.”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Aubrey Morris - Alfred Beidermeyer
  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: California. I'm going to Hollywood to live with the Brady Bunch.
    - Thomas J. Sennet: I wanna live with them too.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: No, you can't. They have enough kids. You'll have to live with the Partridge Family.
    - Thomas J. Sennet: Really?!”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
  • “- Beth Easton: Just how dumb do you think I am?
    - Jody Salerno: Dumb enough to let a lizard crawl up your leg. And dumb enough to look!”

    Christina Ricci - Beth Easton
    Anna Chlumsky - Jody Salerno
    [Tag:insult, stupidity]
  • “- Vada: If I get married, I'll never change my name.
    - Nick Zsigmond: Why? You think the guy should change his name?
    - Vada: I don't think anybody should change their names, that way you can't find them when you need them!
    - Nick Zsigmond: What if you don't want to be found?
    - Vada: Why do you argue with everything I say?”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Austin O'Brien - Nick Zsigmond
  • “Remember our plan, keep your mouth shut.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Jody Salerno
    [Tag:planning, silence]
  • “I remember before I was born, wounded up like a fur ball in the highly overrated fetal position, luckily I'm not claustrophobic, but on rainy days I still felt a tightness in my left shoulder. So now that my stepmother's pregnant, I understand what the baby's going through, and I'm not jealous at all, really, not at all.”
    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss