“The Fly II” quotes

Movie The Fly II
Title The Fly II
Year 1989
Director Chris Walas
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror
Interpreted by
All actors – Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga, Lee Richardson, John Getz, Frank C. Turner, Ann Marie Lee, Garry Chalk, Saffron Henderson, Harley Cross, Matthew Moore, Rob Roy, Andrew Rhodes
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  • “I hope you and I can be very good friends, one day. Well, I know we are. I want us to... I want us to be more than just friends. I want you to think of me as your dad.”

    Lee Richardson - Anton Bartok
  • “Brundle vanished late last night in the company of co-worker Beth Logan. There has been some speculation that Beth Logan may be the victim of possible kidnapping. But, this is yet to be confirmed.”
    Cecilia Warren - Anchorwoman
    [Tag:kidnapping, rumor]
  • Brundle stole my girl, your mother. Got her pregnant. Caused her death. Dissolved my hand and my foot with fly vomit! I had no love for the man. He "bugged" me! As for the "cure" he was working on: he dragged your mother kicking and screaming into that telepod, that they might be fused together in one beautiful body. So your mother blew his... (continue)(continue reading)
    John Getz - Stathis Borans
  • “- Martin Brundle: You were there the night my father died; he was working on a cure.
    - Stathis Borans: That's why you dragged yourself all the way out here? To find out about a cure?
    - Martin Brundle: You're my only hope.”

    Eric Stoltz - Martin Brundle
    John Getz - Stathis Borans
    [Tag:father, hope, remedies]
  • “- Beth Logan: You can't walk... and you're getting worse...
    - Martin Brundle: I'm getting... better!”

    Daphne Zuniga - Beth Logan
    Eric Stoltz - Martin Brundle
    [Tag:changing, walking]
  • “Something odd is happening to me and I don't know what it is.”
    Eric Stoltz - Martin Brundle
  • “- Scorby: Are you having a problem, Miss Logan?
    - Beth Logan: My card isn't working and it's not opening the door.
    - Scorby: There's nothing wrong with your card. It's not your door anymore.”

    Garry Chalk - Scorby
    Daphne Zuniga - Beth Logan
    [Tag:place, problems]
  • “You can finish your father's work. You're just as brilliant as he was, perhaps even more so.”

    Lee Richardson - Anton Bartok
  • “- Beth Logan: You bastard! Where's your compassion?
    - Stathis Borans: I had to give it up; it cost me an arm and a leg!
    - Martin Brundle: It cost you more than that.”

    Daphne Zuniga - Beth Logan
    John Getz - Stathis Borans
    Eric Stoltz - Martin Brundle