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Movie Marked for Death
Title Marked for Death
Year 1990
Director Dwight H. Little
Genre Crime, Adventure, Action
Plot – Narcotics agent John Hatcher has a crisis after his friend dies in a dangerous mission. To recover, he comes back to his family in Chicago and is hosted by his mother, his sister and his beloved niece Tracy. There Hatcher learns some violent Jamaican gangs led by Screwface are spreading throughout the city a drug called "crak". The traffickers fear Hatcher so they attack his house and injure Tracy. Now John allies with Coatch and Charls, a Jamaican cop to find Screwface's hiding place. There Hatcher beheads him with a sword, but suddenly he revives and attacks him back. Actually he's the criminal's twin brother and John kills him too.
All actors – Steven Seagal, Basil Wallace, Keith David, Tom Wright, Joanna Pacula, Elizabeth Gracen, Bette Ford, Danielle Harris, Al Israel, Arlen Dean Snyder, Victor Romero Evans, Michael Ralph, Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Tony DiBenedetto, Kevin Dunn, Peter Jason, Danny Trejo, Richard Delmonte, Elena Sahagun, Tom Dugan, Rita Mergenthaler, Joe Renteria, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Wayne Montanio, Nick Corello, Grant Gelt, Justin Murphy, Earl Boen, Stanley White, Matt Levin, Philip Tanzini, Leslie Danon, Terri Ivens, Dale Harimoto, Tracey Burch, Teri Weigel, Robert Ashiva Ganta Strickland, Noel L. Walcott III, Prince Ital Joe, Andria Martel, Nicholas Celozzi, Debby Shively, Craig Pinkard, Matt O'Toole, Kerrie Cullen, Linus Huffman, Roger Romero Godbout, Harry John Leamy, John Endeveri, Christopher Allen Goss, Libert Steer, Philip Chen, Rock Deadrick, Einstein Brown, Eric Bernard, Haile Maskel, Jimmy Cliff, Tony Williams, Richard Barr, Ansel Collins, Radcliffe Bryan, Loris Lawrence, Carol McLaughlin, Lloyd Willis, Phillip Michael White, , Sandra Canning, Jorga Caye, Tom Lawrence, Manny Perry
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