“The Great Silence” quotes

Movie The Great Silence
Title The Great Silence
Original title Il grande silenzio
Year 1968
Director Sergio Corbucci
Genre Western
Plot – Snow falls on the border between Mexico and the USA at the end of the 19th century. This uncommon event brings into the open many outlaws on the run, a great occasion for bounty hunters. The cruelest among them is Tigrero. To defend the people from the injustice perpetrated by these greedy killers, a man called Silence has gone into action. Between him and Tigrero stands a sheriff.
All actors – Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Frank Wolff, Luigi Pistilli, Mario Brega, Carlo D'Angelo, Marisa Merlini, Maria Mizar, Marisa Sally, Raf Baldassarre, Spartaco Conversi, Remo De Angelis, Mirella Pamphili, Vonetta McGee, , Fortunato Arena, Giulio Baraghini, Gino Barbacane, Lewis E. Ciannelli, Bruno Corazzari, Carolyn De Fonseca, Jacques Dorfmann, Paolo Figlia, Adriana Giuffrè, Rocco Lerro, Loris Loddi, Mauro Mannatrizio, Edward Mannix, William Mayor, Emilio Messina, Benito Pacifico, Fulvio Pellegrino, Mimmo Poli, Aldo Ralli, Claudio Ruffini, Ted Rusoff, Giulia Salvatori, Pupita Lea Scuderoni, Dan Sturkie, Lorenzo Terzon, Bruno Ukmar, Clemente Ukmar, Franco Ukmar, Giovanni Ukmar, Mel Welles
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  • Once, my husband told me of this man. He avenges our wrongs. And the bounty killers sure do tremble when he appears. They call him "Silence." Because wherever he goes, the silence of death follows.
    Vonetta McGee - Pauline Middleton
  • “- Sheriff Burnett: Tell me something, old-timer. Are we within the jurisdiction of Snow Hill County?
    - Coachman: Yep. You can arrest or hang anyone you want.”

    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    Benito Pacifico - Coachman
  • “- Sheriff Burnett: What do you want?
    - Walter, Leader of the Outlaws: We just want that horse of yours.
    - Sheriff Burnett: You want my horse, there's an awful lot of ya. What are you gonna do with just one horse, anyhow?
    - Walter, Leader of the Outlaws: Eat it. We're gonna feed off that beast for at least a week.”

    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    Spartaco Conversi - Walter
    [Tag:food, horses, killing]
  • “- Sheriff Burnett: Set a wagon outside of town and put as much food on it as you can spare. If they eat, they'll behave. And you women, all of you, stay inside. Understand? Now let's get moving. C'mon.
    - Henry Pollicut: Fill a wagon. So now, these bandits gotta be fought with bread and butter. When are we gonna see some law and common sense in...” (continue)
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    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    Luigi Pistilli - Henry Pollicut
    Marisa Merlini - Regina
    [Tag:crime, law, rules]
  • “- Tigrero, a.k.a. Loco: Can't a man provide for his old age?
    - Sheriff Burnett: I don't think you're gonna make it.”

    Klaus Kinski - Tigrero
    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    [Tag:men, old age]
  • “- Sheriff Burnett: Loco! Now listen: killing a sheriff will cost you plenty. If I were you, I'd think it over!
    - Tigrero, a.k.a. Loco: Uh-uh, I don't need to. You're on the side of the law. We, we're on the side of the law of survival... survival of the fittest!”

    Frank Wolff - Gideon
    Klaus Kinski - Tigrero
    [Tag:killing, survival]