“Under Fire” quotes

Movie Under Fire
Title Under Fire
Year 1983
Director Roger Spottiswoode
Genre Drama, War
Plot – A famous American photographer, Russell Price, captures the heartbreaking civil war in Nicaragua. There he meets a colleague and they become friends, then they are joined by a mercenary. Russell Price can't decide his position until a guy is killed. His conscience wakes up and he realizes everyone is guilty. From now on Russell Price continues his job but he cannot any longer act objectively.
All actors – Nick Nolte, Ed Harris, Gene Hackman, Joanna Cassidy, Alma Martinez, Holly Palance, Ella Laboriel, Samuel Zarzosa, Jonathan Zarzosa, Raul Picasso, Oswaldo Doria, Fernando Elizondo
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  • “- Claire: Did you dream about Miss Panama last night?
    - Russell Price: No, I dreamed about you.
    - Claire: Have a good time?
    - Russell Price: Yeah, and you did too!”

    Joanna Cassidy - Claire
    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    [Tag:dreams, flirting]
  • “- Claire: You're going to love this war.
    - Russell Price: Hmmm.
    - Claire: Good guys, bad guys and cheap shrimp.”

    Joanna Cassidy - Claire
    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    [Tag:appreciation, war]
  • “- Woman in refugee camp: Fifty thousand Nicaraguans have died and now a Yankee. Perhaps now America will be outraged at what has happened here.
    - Claire: Perhaps they will.
    - Woman in refugee camp: Maybe we should have killed an American journalist fifty years ago.”

    Luisa Sánchez M. - Woman in refugee camp
    Joanna Cassidy - Claire
  • “- Claire: You chose the wrong side.
    - Marcel Jazy: In twenty years we shall know who's right.”

    Joanna Cassidy - Claire
    Jean-Louis Trintignant - Marcel Jazy
    [Tag:war, winning]
  • “I like you people, but you are sentimental shits! You fall in love with the poets; the poets fall in love with the Marxists; the Marxists fall in love with themselves. The country falls in love with the rhetoric, and in the end we are stuck with tyrants.”
    Jean-Louis Trintignant - Marcel Jazy
  • - Russell Price: What's the upside?
    - Hub Kittle: Simple. And it could happen. Somoza destroys the terrorist insurgents, rebuilds the country, shit-cans the purveyors of excess, stabilizes the Cordoba, and is kindly beloved as the savior of Nicaragua. "Our" pal. Gotta smoke?
    - Russell Price: What's the downside?
    - Hub Kittle: Commies take over... (continue)
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    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    Richard Masur - Hub Kittle
  • - Interrogating Officer: Before you go, there are some papers you will sign.
    - Russell Price: What papers?
    - Interrogating Officer: Your "visitation papers", Mr. Price. You were not arrested, you just came to visit. In case your embassy asks. You want your passport back, yes?

    Enrique Beraza - Interrogating Officer
    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    [Tag:blackmail, lies]
  • “Alex, there's fascist and there's fascist. Let's not use words like that, ok?”
    Richard Masur - Hub Kittle
    [Tag:fascism, words]
  • It's easy to fall in love with the underdog. But there's an upside and a downside to this thing. I just want to remind you, all this stuff about a "revolution of poets" is crap.
    Richard Masur - Hub Kittle
  • “- Prison Priest: Whose side are you on?
    - Russell Price: I don't take sides. I take pictures.
    - Prison Priest: No sides? Go home.”

    Enrique Lucero - Prison Priest
    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    [Tag:politics, prison]
  • “- Claire: You decided to go with the Network?
    - Alex Grazier: Yeah... They're gonna' give me 10 grand a week to read the news. I'll be in 60 million homes every night. When I take a breath, all of America will take a breath. When my voice trembles, all of America will tremble. I'm gonna' be a star. My vocal inflection will be more important than...” (continue)
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    Joanna Cassidy - Claire
    Gene Hackman - Alex Grazier
  • “- Russell Price: Pardon my French, but who's fucking side are you on?
    - Marcel Jazy: I work for everyone.
    - Russell Price: That's a great job!”

    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    Jean-Louis Trintignant - Marcel Jazy
  • “- Oates: How d'ya like Nicaragua?
    - Russell Price: It's beautiful.
    - Oates: Yeah, it's a shitload of Greasers though, you know.”

    Ed Harris - Oates
    Nick Nolte - Russell Price
    [Tag:like, place]