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Klaus Kinski
October 18, 1926 in Sopot
November 23, 1991 in Lagunitas-Forest Knolls
film director, actor
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Klaus Kinski movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Klaus Kinski quotes
  • “- Tigrero, a.k.a. Loco: Can't a man provide for his old age?
    - Sheriff Burnett: I don't think you're gonna make it.”

    Klaus Kinski - Tigrero
    Frank Wolff - Sheriff Gideon Burnett
    [Tag:men, old age]
  • “- Sheriff Burnett: Loco! Now listen: killing a sheriff will cost you plenty. If I were you, I'd think it over!
    - Tigrero, a.k.a. Loco: Uh-uh, I don't need to. You're on the side of the law. We, we're on the side of the law of survival... survival of the fittest!”

    Frank Wolff - Gideon
    Klaus Kinski - Tigrero
    [Tag:killing, survival]
  • “Your orgasm is our business.”

    Klaus Kinski - Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot
    [Tag:business, orgasm, sex]
  • “Premature ejaculation means always having to say you're sorry.”
    Klaus Kinski - Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot
    [Tag:apologies, orgasm]
  • “So be it.”

    Klaus Kinski - Karl Gunther
  • “- Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': What about the older people?
    - Old Missionary: We can't seem to cure them of the idea that our everyday life is only an illusion, behind which lies the reality of dreams.
    - Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': Actually, I'm very interested in these ideas. I specialise in opera myself.”

    Klaus Kinski - Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo'
    Salvador Godínez - Old Missionary
  • “- Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': How can anyone learnpatriotism from a school book?
    - Young Missionary: The Government requires it.
    - Old Missionary: The natives get used to it. Like vaccination.”

    Klaus Kinski - Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo'
    Dieter Milz - Young Missionary
    Salvador Godínez - Old Missionary
  • “- Martin Kurtz: I trust you will not immediately foam at the mouth if I add that we are also Israeli citizens.
    - Charlie: Israelis?
    - Martin Kurtz: Unless it's your conviction that Israel should be swept into the sea. Is that your conviction Charlie?
    - Charlie: Israelis, huh?
    - Martin Kurtz: Do you feel you are among enemieshere?
    - Charlie: Oh...” (continue)
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    Klaus Kinski - Martin Kurtz
    Diane Keaton - Charlie