“The Mosquito Coast” quotes

Movie The Mosquito Coast
Peter Weir directed this movie in 1986
Title The Mosquito Coast
Year 1986
Director Peter Weir
Genre Drama, Thriller, Adventure
Plot – Allie Fox doesn't bear America's consumerism and its moral and ecological degradation anymore. He's a skilled worker with the ambition to become an inventor, so he embarks on a merchant with his wife and their four children to travel to the Coast of Mosquitos, between Panama and Guatemala, to seek a free and uncontaminated environment. When they reach the place, the man buys an abandoned village and helped by his wife, the eldest son and some willing indigenous, Fox completely transforms it. However his recklessness drives him to desire a huge ice machine, in the illusion of bringing relief to the natives who live in that tropical heat.
All actors – Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, River Phoenix, Conrad Roberts, Andre Gregory, Martha Plimpton, Dick O'Neill, Jadrien Steele, Michael Rogers, Hilary Gordon, Rebecca Gordon, Jason Alexander, Alice Heffernan-Sneed, Tiger Haynes, William Newman, Melanie Boland, Raymond Clare, Emory King, Tony Vega Sr., Aurora Clavel, Butterfly McQueen, Michael Opoku, Adolpho Salguero, Rafael Cho, Sofia Coc, Margarita Coc, Wilfred Peters, Luis Palacio, Juan Antonio Llanes, Abel Woolrich, Jorge Zepeda
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