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  • “Think about the way food is marketed. T-shirts, coupons, toys for children, giveaways in fast-food places, placemats. I mean just all of the different ways in which food marketing is ubiquitous. The most heavily advertised foods are consumed the most. No surprise.”
    Marion Nestle - Herself
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  • “Yeah, there's a lot of bad 'isms' floatin' around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism. Make a buck, make a buck. Even in Brooklyn it's the same - don't care what Christmas stands for, just make a buck, make a buck.”
    Alvin Greenman - Alfred
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  • “- Eva: Oh, the Container Store?
    - Albert: Yes, yes, the Container Store. The store that sells crap so you can put your crap in so you can go out and buy some more crap.
    - Eva: I love that store. I love crap.”

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Eva
    James Gandolfini - Albert
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  • “If we realized that there really is no reason to consume, that it's just a mind set, that it's just an addiction, then we wouldn't be out there stepping on people's hands climbing the corporate ladder of success.”
    River Phoenix
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  • “We eat when we're not hungry, drink when we're not thirsty. We buy what we don't need and throw away everything that's useful. Why sell a man what he wants? Sell him what he doesn't need. Pretend he's got eight legs and two stomachs and money to burn. It's wrong.”
    Harrison Ford - Allie Fox
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  • “I'm part of the consumer culture.”
    Michel Gondry
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  • “When they're feeling sufficiently incomplete, you convince them your product is the only thing that can fill the void. So instead of taking steps to deal with their lives, instead of working to root out the real reason for their misery, they go out and buy a stupid looking pair of cargo pants.”

    George C. Scott - Roger Swanson
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  • “Every single commodity you produce is a piece of your own death!”
    Charles Gunning - Hitchhiker Awaiting 'True Call'
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  • “What's the point of being rich if you don't buy things other people can't afford?”
    Corey Johnson - Christian Middleton
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  • “We throw a lot of fancy words in front of these kids in order to attract them to going to school in the belief that they're gonna have a better life, and we know that all were doing is breeding a whole new generation of buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers! Pimps and whores, Pimps and whores! and indoctrinating them into a life long hell of...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Lewis Niles Black - Ben Lewis
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  • “- Davey: So, what's good about this place?
    - Whitey: What's good about it? Everything. You want a pair of socks? My buddy, Mr. Foot Locker will warm your feet. You need a fancy doodad? Hello, Sharper Image. Thanks for the combination pogo stick/clock radio. I mean, The Body Shop, the Tie Rack, GNC, Radio Shack, Petland for a cat or two,...” (continue)
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    Adam Sandler - Davey
    Adam Sandler - Whitey
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  • “- Lenny Brown: I'm making money so fast over at Max's, they can't keep track of it. Everybody in town thinks I'm a firecracker. And even after all this, my own wife still thinks I'm a bum!
    - Linda Brown: I think you're a genius. I just don't want you to feel like you're on a treadmill... having to make more and more money to pay for things we...” (continue)
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    James Woods - Lenny Brown
    Sean Young - Linda Brown
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  • “You can't sell a product without first making people feel bad. Because it's a substitution game. You have to remind them that they're missing something from their lives. Everyone's missing something.”

    George C. Scott - Roger Swanson
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  • “- Based on Authoritative Sources: Why in the hell is he throwing it in? It's a perfectly good typewriter.
    - Guy Who Tosses Typewriter: Because the typewriter isn't the point. The point is it symbolizes the bitch that just fucked him over. It symbolizes the bitch that fucked me over six months ago. And it symbolizes the bitch that's gonna fuck...” (continue)
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    Robert Pierson - Based on Authoritative Sources
    Steven Anderson - Guy Who Tosses Typewriter
  • “What are children, after all, but consumer trainees?”
    Peter Haskell - Sullivan
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  • “We're consumers, Jim. Yeah. Okay, okay. Buy a lot of stuff, you're a good citizen. But if you don't buy a lot of stuff, if you don't, what are you then, I ask you? What? Mentally ill.”
    Brad Pitt - Jeffrey Goines
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  • “American consumerism, you know. This and that. That's supposed to be a life. Have a dog. Have a cat. Have a house. Have a car. Have a suit. Have a fucking tie. That's the lie that's been sold to us. The dream has to do with industrialization. It's a mechanical thing, it doesn't work.”
    Harvey Keitel - Eddie Israel
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  • “Americans they do not deserve what they have. They have the eyes of small children who are forever looking for the next source of distraction, entertainment, sweet taste in the mouth.”
    Ben Kingsley - Behrani
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  • “There's the television. It's all right there - all right there. Look, listen, kneel, pray. Commercials! We're not productive anymore. We don't make things anymore. It's all automated. What are we for then?”
    Brad Pitt - Jeffrey Goines
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