“The Stoned Age” quotes

Movie The Stoned Age
Title The Stoned Age
Original title The Stöned Age
Year 1994
Director James Melkonian
Genre Comedy, Music
Plot – Joe and Hubbs are tired to wander around on their ‘Blue Torpedo’ and when their friend Tack tells them about a couple of tourists nearby, they decide to flirt with them and have fun.
All actors – Michael Kopelow, Bradford Tatum, China Kantner, Renee Allman, Clifton Collins Jr., David Groh, Michael Wiseman, Kevin Kilner, Taylor Negron, Richard Chaim, Josh Berman, Art Chudabala
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  • “- Joe: So you got a plan tonight, or what?
    - Hubbs: Fuck yeah, I got a plan, man. I got a radically hellacious plan! First, we get a shitload of tall cans, right? Them, an eight-ball... no... quarter O-Z. Fifth of Jack, just to take the edge off, then we spark up the thick, burlacious ganja-bud, get those chicks all horn-dogged out.
    - Joe: Hubbs...” (continue)
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    Michael Kopelow - Joe
    Bradford Tatum - Hubbs
  • “Every band puts out at least one pussy song so they can find out who the faggots are!”
    Bradford Tatum - Hubbs
  • “- Tack: What chick's gonna wanna go out with a krater face?
    - Joe: Your face will clear up some day man, and who knows, maybe you can meet a chick with an acne problem too. Then you two will have something in common.
    - Tack: I don't want no chicks with zits, I want fine chicks!”

    Clifton Collins Jr. - Tack
    Michael Kopelow - Joe
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  • “- Dad: Where do you get your values? From that stinking heavy metal music you listen to day and night?
    - Joe: Yeah, that's it, man. It's all the music! You know everything is just fine until we just listen to a couple of heavy metal albums. Then we get all fucked up!”

    David Groh - Dad
    Michael Kopelow - Joe
    [Tag:morality, music]
  • “Information without transportation equals dick.”
    Bradford Tatum - Hubbs
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