“Pump Up the Volume” quotes

Movie Pump Up the Volume
Title Pump Up the Volume
Year 1990
Director Allan Moyle
Genre Drama, Comedy, Music
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Plot – Mark, a.k.a. "Hard Harry", is an Arizona high school student who every night becomes the speaker of a radio station that he has set up in his house. Shy by day, exuberant by night, Mark becomes the spokesman of his generation and fights injustice, hypocrisy and malice, talks about important issues such as homosexuality and tries, in vain, to prevent the suicide of a teenager.
All actors – Christian Slater, Annie Ross, Andy Romano, Scott Paulin, Mimi Kennedy, Anthony Lucero, Billy Morrissette, Robert Schenkkan, Cheryl Pollak, Ellen Greene, Samantha Mathis, Keith Stuart Thayer
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