“Texasville” quotes

Movie Texasville
Peter Bogdanovich directed this movie in 1990
Title Texasville
Year 1990
Director Peter Bogdanovich
Genre Drama
Plot – It's 1984 and Amarene, a small oil-rich village in Texas, gets ready to celebrate its centenary, organized by the mayor and his friend Duane Jackson. He is an oil tycoon, who once was rich, but now he risks the failure. He is supported only by the old Ruth Popper, who works for the mayor, while his wife openly cheats on him. Duane distracts himself with one-night stands, but he isn’t able to forget that feeling of frustration, disappointment and boredom that also affects the town. Fortunately, the discovery of a new well and the return of a lover will shake his boring days up.
All actors – Harvey Christiansen, Pearl Jones, Loyd Catlett, Jimmy Howell, Romi Snyder, Kay Pering, Allison Marich, Katherine Bongfeldt, Earl Poole Ball, Su Hyatt, Angie Bolling, William McNamara
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