“Thinner” quotes

Movie Thinner
Title Thinner
Year 1996
Director Tom Holland
Genre Horror, Thriller
Plot – A judge under the influence of a gypsy's curse gradually begins to lose weight. When his condition is too severe, he's forced to talk to the woman again and let her cancel the sorcery.
All actors – Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Lucinda Jenney, Michael Constantine, Kari Wuhrer, Bethany Joy Lenz, Time Winters, Howard Erskine, Terrence Garmey, Randy Jurgensen, Jeff Ware, Antonette Schwartzberg, Terence Kava, Adriana Delphine, Ruth Miller, Walter Bobbie, John Horton, Daniel von Bargen, Irma St. Paule, Stephen King, Sam Freed, Elizabeth Franz, Patrick Farrelly, Bridget Marks, Mitchell Greenberg, Angela Pietropinto, Michael Kevin Walker, Ed Wheeler, Peter Maloney, Robert Fitch, Sean Hewitt, Josh Holland, Allelon Ruggiero, Steven Belgard, Tom Cumler, Alexandra Dimopoulos, Josh Lucas, Christopher C. Murphy, Todd Tucker
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  • “- Billy Halleck: What are you trying to do to me?
    - Heidi Halleck: What you wanted me to do in the back seat of your daddy's car. Prove my love to you.”

    Robert John Burke - Billy Halleck
    Lucinda Jenney - Heidi Halleck
    [Tag:love, proof, sex]
  • “- Billy Halleck: Richie, you're not going to hurt anybody, are you?
    - Richie Ginelli: No. But Billy, if I'm gonna help you with this, you don't get to ask that question again.”

    Robert John Burke - Billy Halleck
    Joe Mantegna - Richie Ginelli
  • “Billy, you've got to stop eating like that. I want you to stop digging your grave with a spoon and fork.”
    Lucinda Jenney - Heidi Halleck
  • The last time I saw Lempke, he looked me in the eye and said "Hey, how that pretty little wife of yours? Aaw, don't matter, 'cause you'll see her soon!". Mister, my wife's been dead for five years! And he knew it.

    Peter Maloney - Biff Quigley
    [Tag:curse, wife]
  • “Justice ain't about bringing back the dead, white man. Justice is about justice. Your friend the policeman, your friend the judge, they make sure nothing happens to you. They keep you safe. But I make sure something happens to them. That's justice, white man. Gypsy justice!”
    Michael Constantine - Tadzu Lempke
    [Tag:justice, safety]
  • “I never take it off. I die with it in my mouth.”

    Michael Constantine - Tadzu Lempke
    [Tag:curse, death, destiny]
  • “- Billy Halleck: I can't help it, Heidi. All I ever think about is... food!
    - Heidi Halleck: Well, maybe I can try to help you think about something... else. Still thinking about food?”

    Robert John Burke - Billy Halleck
    Lucinda Jenney - Heidi Halleck