“Gang Related” quotes

Movie Gang Related
Title Gang Related
Year 1997
Director Jim Kouf
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
All actors – Jim Belushi, Tupac Shakur, Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid, James Earl Jones, David Paymer, Wendy Crewson, Gary Cole, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Brad Greenquist, James Handy, Kool Moe Dee
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  • “- Cynthia Webb: Isn't this breaking and entering?
    - Divinci: I don't know, I'm homicide, we don't learn that stuff.”

    Lela Rochon - Cynthia Webb
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci
  • “We're the teachers, and in our classroom two and two can add up to five if we say it does.”
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci
    [Tag:power, teachers]
  • “- Detective Rodriguez: I can make your life miserable, that's what I can do.
    - Vic: Look at me. Am I married to a supermodel? Do I look strikingly handsome? Have I got a job at IBM and a swanky bachelor pad? No, no, and no! I loan big money to people like you who can't control their urge to blow it all gambling; Then I stay awake half the night...” (continue)
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    2Pac - Det. Rodriguez
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci
  • “The only difference between a witness and a liar is this: one knows what he's doing at all times; the other has no clue.”
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci
    [Tag:lies, witness]
  • “You mean, what's worse than what we've done that can still happen? You mean, what's worse than if this shit doesn't work out and blows up in our face? Then we go to jail! Then we get sent to the electric chair! Then we die! Then we go to Hell! You mean, what's worse than that?!”

    2Pac - Det. Rodriguez
    [Tag:crime, death]
  • “- Helen Eden: Objection! Mr. Baylor is purposely trying to confuse the witness.
    - Arthur Baylor: I am not trying to confuse the witness; the witness has been trying to confuse this court!”

    Wendy Crewson - Helen Eden
    James Earl Jones - Arthur Baylor
  • “They'll never find me, because I'm following my heart. And they don't know where that is.”
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci
    [Tag:escape, heart]
  • “You can never lose your sense of humor. Without that, you've got nothing.”
    Jim Belushi - Det. Frank Divinci