“When a Man Loves a Woman” quotes

Movie When a Man Loves a Woman
Title When a Man Loves a Woman
Year 1994
Director Luis Mandoki
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Alice and Michael Green are a happy couple and have two lovely girls, Jess and Casey. Michael is a pilot while Alice is a housewif and gradually she reveals him she's an alcoholic and Michael wants her to detoxify in a specialized center. The recovery is slow but the solidarity of family and doctors seem to cancel the habit. When Alice comes back home, she's no longer the same. She's irritated, Michael stresses her as well and their relationship breaks up. Alice dates Gary, a former drug addict she has met in the clinic, while Michael accepts a job offer in a distant city. After a few months, during a therapeutic session Alice remembers she drunk her first beer at nine- years- old with her alcoholic father. As Michael is present too, he reconciles with his wife and together they start a new life.
All actors – Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan, Ellen Burstyn, Tina Majorino, Mae Whitman, Lauren Tom, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eugene Roche, Gail Strickland, Steven Brill, Susanna Thompson, Erinn Canavan, LaTanya Richardson, Bari K. Willerford, James Jude Courtney, Jacques De Groot, Anne Ohliger, Tony Montero, Cynthia Mace, Jennie Yee, William Frankfather, Ellen Geer, Angelina Fiordellisi, Elizabeth Lang, Syd Field, Peer Ebbighausen, Ronald Bass, Joe Drago, Andrew Magarian, Amy Treese, Brandis Kemp, Judith Friend, Deana Kobrynski, Rico E. Anderson, Richard Bradford, Al Franken, Holly Lewis, Reed Rudy, Joseph Quinn Simpkins
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  • “- Michael Green: I love her. And I tried everything, except really listening, really listening, and that's how I left her alone. I was so ashamed of that, and I couldn't even tell her. Maybe if I tell her she'd love me anyway.
    - Alice Green: Or more. She would have loved you even more. I think you should tell all this stuff to your wife.”

    Andy Garcia - Michael Green
    Meg Ryan - Alice Green
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  • My wife hurts. I need to be able to say: "What's wrong, honey? Something I can do? And I love you. So fuck me.".
    Andy Garcia - Michael Green
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  • “It's horrifying how much you can hate yourself for being low and weak and he couldn't save me from that. So I turned it on him; I tried to empty it onto him. But there was always more, you know. When he tried to help I told him that he made me feel small and worthless. But nobody makes us feel that, we do that for ourselves. I shut him out...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Meg Ryan - Alice Green
    [Tag:hatred, helping, love]
  • “I drink a quart a day. It's vodka so you couldn't smell it.”
    Meg Ryan - Alice Green
  • “- Michael Green: My wife is an alcoholic. Best person I ever met. She has 600 different smiles. They can light up your life. They can make you laugh out loud, just like that. They can even make you cry, just like that. That's just with her smiles. You'd have to see her with her kids. You'd have to see how they look at her, when she's not...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Andy Garcia - Michael Green
    Meg Ryan - Alice Green
  • “We're separated now, he's moved away, and it was so hard not to beg him to stay. And I don't know if I'm going to get a second chance but I have to believe. That I deserve one. Because we all do.”

    Meg Ryan - Alice Green