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6/1/09 at 4:08 PM
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  • “We're known each other a long time. On one hand I'm your friend, on the other I'm your boss. Now as your friend, you don't follow orders. You're unmanageable. Hell, you don't even obey the law, and you don't think before you act. And now as your boss, you're fired.”

    Bruce McGill - Frank Daniels
    [Tag:boss, friends, job]
  • “- Music: What the hell are those guys up to?
    - Brennan: Going to work, what do you think?
    - Music: At this hour?
    - Brennan: Don't worry about it. Let it roll! They've got a hard ass for a boss, just like us.”

    Gene Barge - Music
    Ron Dean - Brennan
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  • “The only thing I wish for you, and I wish it most sincerely, I wish you would get fired.”

    Matt Dillon - Jay Phillips
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  • “- Lawrence Van Dough: 37-and-a-half miles of driveway, and you park in the 5 feet with a puddle!
    - Chauffeur: I'm very sorry, sir.
    - Lawrence Van Dough: You're very sorry? Well, in that case, find another job.”

    John Larroquette - Lawrence Van Dough
    David Fawcett - Chauffeur
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  • “- Marty Berger: Where are you going?
    - Eric Binford: Out of my way! I'm going to clean out my work station.
    - Marty Berger: This is my place of business and you're not going inside anymore! I told you that you're fired!”

    Norman Burton - Marty Berger
    Dennis Christopher - Eric Binford
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