• “- Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant: We set?
    - Luther: We're set alright. Somebody should pick their ass up. The Riffs sent out the word. They want 'em alive. We don't.
    - Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant: Sooner someone grabs 'em, the better.
    - Luther: What's the matter? Ya afraid the Warriors are gonna shoot their mouths off before they get wacked?
    - Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant: Yeah, right! I'm worried! I just don't want the Riffs down on my head!
    - Luther: No sweat. They're lookin' for the Warriors, remember? We can do some lookin' too... Oughta make you feel better.”

    Joel Weiss - Rogue
    David Patrick Kelly - Luther
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9/26/99 at 2:29 AM
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