“Above the Rim” quotes

Movie Above the Rim
Title Above the Rim
Year 1994
Director Jeff Pollack
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Sport
Plot – Kyle dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, although it is very difficult to make it. The only one he can count on is Shep, a true friend who believes in him and has tasted defeat himself.
All actors – Duane Martin, Leon, Tupac Shakur, David Bailey, Tonya Pinkins, Marlon Wayans, Bernie Mac, Byron Minns, Wood Harris, Shawn Michael Howard, Henry Simmons, Iris Little Thomas
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  • “Who the fuck you think you're talking to, man? This ain't Nutso. This ain't that dopehead on the roof taking orders from you. This ain't your same little brother following behind you trying to go outside. You ain't the motherfuckin' man no more. I'm the one! Shit has changed! It's a new day, bro. If you can't clean up your act, I suggest you...” (continue)(continue reading)

    2Pac - Birdie
    [Tag:changing, power]
  • “- Rollins: Born with all the gifts, but you just gave up. Oh yeah, I'd say you owe plenty. If you ever plan on giving anything back, you better start right now. You can't do anything about your mom or Nutso, but you can about Kyle. It's all there for him, Shep, and he's blowing it.
    - Shep: Well, he won't be the first.”

    David Bailey - Rollins
    Leon - Shep
  • “- Shep: Excuse me? You think you can just kiss me anytime you feel like it?
    - Mailika: Yeah, that's right.
    - Shep: I guess that answers that.”

    Leon - Shep
    Tonya Pinkins - Mailika
  • “- Kyle-Lee: I had 22 points and 8 rebounds.
    - Rollins: And we lost.
    - Kyle-Lee: Then maybe the entire team should be here instead of just me. It's not like anybody else had a good game.
    - Rollins: You didn't give them a chance to. And that's just the sort of thing recruiters look at.”

    Duane Martin - Kyle Lee Watson
    David Bailey - Rollins
  • “- Kyle-Lee: Is he your brother, Birdie?
    - Birdie: He used to be.
    - Kyle-Lee: What does that mean?
    - Birdie: Just 'cause a motherfucker's born into your family don't mean you stay family, all right? That motherfucker ain't shit. He don't care about me, you, nothing. Okay? Understand?”

    Duane Martin - Kyle Lee Watson
    2Pac - Birdie
  • “Kyle, I didn't know you was uncircumcised. Yo, Your dick looks like an anteater.”
    Marlon Wayans - Bugaloo
  • “- Mailika: Folks either move past the things that happen to them, or they stop moving at all. But you're young. You can do anything, except sing.
    - Shep: I can sing a little bit.
    - Mailika: Not even a little bit.”

    Tonya Pinkins - Mailika
    Leon - Shep
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