“Armed and Dangerous” quotes

Movie Armed and Dangerous
Title Armed and Dangerous
Year 1986
Director Mark L. Lester
Genre Comedy, Crime, Action
Plot – Frank Dooley is a very clumsy policeman that one evening, in the attempt to arrest two corrupt colleagues, is accused in turn and expelled by the police. At the same time lawyer Norman Kane, feared by a convict during a trial, is invited by the judge himself to leave the profession. The two men accidentally meet in the Private Guards school, directed by Clarence O'Connell and his daughter Maggie. When Frank and Norman get the diploma, they are assigned to the surveillance of a pharmaceutical building and here they assist powerless to a theft, so they are fined and threatened by the president of the Private Guards' union, Michael Carlino. They are entrusted a humiliating task: watching a rubbish dumps with toxic fumes. Frank and Norman are exasperated but find out who is the instigator of all the thefts: Carlino along with Clarence. They motivate themselves to unmask them, asking help to Maggie with whom Norman has fallen in love. With a gimmick, Frank and Norman go to Carlino's party where they hear about a hit: the treasurer of the union will be Carlino and Clarence's third accomplice, but he disagrees and is killed by Carlino who manages to accuse again Frank and Norman for the murder. They escape from the party and prepare the plan to vanquish once and for all the racket of the union. Between chases and shootouts, Frank and Norman succeed and arrest all the criminals, so they are rehabilitated.
All actors – John Candy, Eugene Levy, Robert Loggia, Kenneth McMillan, Meg Ryan, Brion James, Jonathan Banks, Don Stroud, Larry Hankin, Steve Railsback, Robert Burgos, Tony Burton
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