“Kindergarten Cop” quotes

Movie Kindergarten Cop
Ivan Reitman directed this movie in 1990
Title Kindergarten Cop
Year 1990
Director Ivan Reitman
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – In California Cullen Crisp is a rich drug dealer. Thanks to a young informant, he finds out that his wife, who ran away five years before with their child, now lives in a small town in Oregon called Astor. Cullen wants the baby back and instead of giving her the promised money, he kills the informant and escapes, without knowing that the informant’s girlfriend Cindy witnessed the murder. Immediately after the policeman John Kimble arrives. He has been investigating Crisp’s case for a long time and he makes the drug addicted and frightened girl testify, so the murderer gets arrested. The police found out that Crisp’s wife and son are in Astor, but they don’t have any photograph of them and they don’t know their fake names. Kimble and his colleague Phobe O'Hara go there, but Phobe gets sick and Kimble has to pretend to be a teacher in the local elementary school to investigate the child identity.
All actors – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Linda Hunt, Richard Tyson, Carroll Baker, Cathy Moriarty, Joseph Cousins, Christian Cousins, Park Overall, Jayne Brook, Richard Portnow, Tom Kurlander, Alix Koromzay, Betty Lou Henson, Heidi Swedberg, Bob Nelson, Molly Cleator, Eugene Elman, Susan Burns, Tom Dugan, Roma, Jason Stuart, Kim Delgado, Ray Glanzmann, Ed Crick, Angela Bassett, Chi Muoi Lo, John Hammil, Steve Park, John Steinkamp, Charlie Holliday, Lee Forest, Judy Wix, Galen Yuen, Frankie Avina, Terry Golden, Lee Dupree, Michael Chapman, Trevor James Reeder, Travis Whitney Reeder, Jason Howard, Debra Casey, Peter Mark Vasquez, Jacques Apollo Bolton, Leo Lee, Kenneth Chapman, Rick Jones, Mimi J. Kauffman, Catherine Reitman, Tiffany Reaves, Jason Reitman, Anne Merrem, Arlene J. Phalon, Justin Page, Peter Rakow, Sarah Rose Karr, Marissa Rosen, Ben McCreary, Miko Hughes, Robert Cave, Ben Diskin, Tameka Runnels, Medha Garo, Brian Wagner, John Christian Graas, Jimmy Darrin Jackson III, Ian Baumer, Amy Wald, Tiffany Mataras, Krystle Mataras, James Chance, Adam Wylie, Nicole Nagorsky, Ross Malinger, Amber Reaves, Odette Annable, Tina Hart, Emily Ann Lloyd, Haley Urman, Bethany Allyn, Zachary Marsh, Anthony Wong, Remone Bradley, Jaime Lucero Jr., Rachael O'Brien, Gary Rodriguez, Thomas Rosales Jr.
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