“National Lampoon's Vacation” quotes

Movie National Lampoon's Vacation
Harold Ramis directed this movie in 1983
Title National Lampoon's Vacation
Year 1983
Director Harold Ramis
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – The Griswold family - Clark, Ellen and their children Rusty and Audrey - is leaving for a 2 weeks holiday in the famous amusement park called 'Walley World'. During the journey, some tragicomic events happen one after the other, beginning with the new car Clark is forced to buy by a dealer. After an incredible journey through over two thousand miles, during which old Aunt Edna dies, the Griswold's finally arrive to 'Walley World' but the park is closed for renovation, so Clark is both shocked and dazed. Hanging a gun, he forces the rangers to put everything in motion for the amusement of his family, but when the owner of the park and the police arrive Clark tries to adulate them to escape the arrest.
All actors – Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Imogene Coca, Randy Quaid, Anthony Michael Hall, Dana Barron, Eddie Bracken, Brian Doyle-Murray, Miriam Flynn, James Keach, Eugene Levy, Frank McRae
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