“Brewster's Millions” quotes

Movie Brewster's Millions
Title Brewster's Millions
Year 1985
Director Walter Hill
Genre Comedy
Plot – Montgomery Brewster is a friendly black baseball player with an extraordinary luck. His great-uncle leaves him 300 million dollars with and odd clause, that is Monty has to spend 30 million dollars in passing goods in only a month. It's a real challenge but he accepts it. Angela, a secretary, monitors his expenses but she's unaware of the deal. Brewster helps old friends, hires guards, squanders the money in colossal parties and in gambling. He even participates to the elections and becomes famous throughout the city. The thirtieth day, Monty hasn't even a penny but Angela's boyfriend, another lawyer of the firm, has plotted against him and prevents the man to get his prize. Angela foils his plan and saves the situation.
All actors – Richard Pryor, John Candy, Lonette McKee, Stephen Collins, Jerry Orbach, Pat Hingle, Tovah Feldshuh, Hume Cronyn, Joe Grifasi, Peter Jason, David White, Jerome Dempsey
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