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Movie Capote
Title Capote
Year 2005
Director Bennett Miller
Genre Drama, History, Crime, Biography
Plot – In November 1959, news come to Truman Capote about the murder of Clutters family in Holcomb, Kansas. Despite he reads similar stories every day, this one arises in him a particular interest because he can finally demonstrate his theory: a true event, if reworked by the right writer, can be as compelling as a fiction. Capote reflects only on this question: "What impact the murders have had on Holcomb citizens?". The writer is assigned the investigations and flies to Kansas. Despite a first hostility with Holcomb's inhabitants, Capote wins their confidence and the killers are captured and sentenced to death. Truman Capote visits them in prison and soon the writer realizes his article could be developed into an experimental novel as literary elements can be mixed with a journalistic reportage. Capote in fact wants to emphasize the contrast between the safe and protected America's atmosphere, the same one where the Clutters thought to live, against the killers' amoral and violent one. The result is the scandal novel "In Cold Blood" that has contributed to increase Capote's fame. At the time of its publication, "In Cold Blood" provoked a series of literary, ethical and social controversies.
All actors – Allie Mickelson, Kelci Stephenson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Craig Archibald, Bronwen Coleman, Kate Shindle, David Wilson Barnes, Michael J. Burg, Catherine Keener, Kwesi Ameyaw, Andrew Farago, Ken Krotowich
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