“Dressed to Kill” quotes

Movie Dressed to Kill
Brian De Palma directed this movie in 1980
Title Dressed to Kill
Year 1980
Director Brian De Palma
Genre Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Kate Miller is a patient of Dr. Robert Elliott, a psychiatrist, and is killed in the elevator. Liz Blake, a prostitute, witnesses the crime, but she touches the crime's weapon and the police suspects her. Another patient of Dr. Elliott, the transsexual Bobby, calls the doctor revealing him that he is the killer and that he wants to kill Liz too, who thinks to become a patient of Elliott to investigate. She doesn't know the truth about him and her life is now in danger.
All actors – Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, Dennis Franz, David Margulies, Ken Baker, Susanna Clemm, Brandon Maggart, Amalie Collier, Mary Davenport, Anneka Di Lorenzo
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  • “- Liz Blake: Do you want to fuck me?
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: Oh, yes.
    - Liz Blake: Then why don't you?
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: Because I'm a doctor and...
    - Liz Blake: Fucked a lot of doctors.
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: ...and I'm married.
    - Liz Blake: Fucked a lot of them, too.”

    Nancy Allen - Liz Blake
    Sir Michael Caine - Doctor Robert Elliott
    [Tag:doctors, marriage, sex]
  • “Thank God, straight fucks are still in style!”
    Nancy Allen - Liz Blake
  • “Bobbi was making threats over the phone. She said she's going to hurt me. My patient was slashed to death. And now my razor is gone. Now you don't have to be a detective to figure it out, do you?”
    Sir Michael Caine - Doctor Robert Elliott
  • “Doctor, I'm so unhappy. I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body - and you're not helping me to get out! So I got a new shrink, Levy's his name, he's gonna sign the papers so I can get my operation.”

    William Finley - Bobbi
  • “- Kate Miller: Do you find me attractive?
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: Of course.
    - Kate Miller: Would you want to sleep with me?
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: Yes.
    - Kate Miller: Then why don't you?
    - Doctor Robert Elliott: Because I love my wife, and sleeping with you isn't worth jeopardizing my marriage. Is it worth it to you?
    - Kate Miller: I don't...” (continue)
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    Angie Dickinson - Kate Miller
    Sir Michael Caine - Doctor Robert Elliott
    [Tag:marriage, sex, worth]
  • “- Peter Miller: Look, Liz, I've got to get home and get to work.
    - Liz Blake: Gee, I'm gonna miss having you on my tail. You made me feel kind of safe.
    - Peter Miller: Want to come home with me? I'd love the company.”

    Keith Gordon - Peter Miller
    Nancy Allen - Liz Blake
    [Tag:company, safety]