“Body Double” quotes

Movie Body Double
Brian De Palma directed this movie in 1984
Title Body Double
Year 1984
Director Brian De Palma
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Interpreted by
Plot – Jake Scully is a nice young actor who works in Los Angeles. As he suffers from claustrophobia, he's fired on the set of a vampire movie. He's unemployed now and soon he accepts the offer of his colleague Sam to live in an actor's beautiful house who's traveling around the world by now. The house is luxurious and stands over a hill. Thanks to a telescope, Scully can enjoy every night the sight of a beautiful woman and he's intrigued by her and follows her on the street too. When she's followed in turn by a strange ugly mug, Jake sees her going till the beach where the stranger robs her the apartment keys.
All actors – Craig Wasson, Gregg Henry, Melanie Griffith, Deborah Shelton, Guy Boyd, Dennis Franz, David Haskell, Rebecca Stanley, Al Israel, Douglas Warhit, B.J. Jones, Russ Marin
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