“Psycho II” quotes

Movie Psycho II
Title Psycho II
Year 1983
Director Richard Franklin
Genre Crime, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – After 22 years spent in a mental institute, Norman Bates comes back home. His doctors declare he's healed and drive him home. He has even a new job in a local restaurant as his motel is now run by a new manager who has turned it into a drug dealing area. Norman decides to fire him and the event triggers in him his past attitude. Both the doctors and the sheriff are worried and begin to check regularly Norman as many people start disappearing. A final twist upsets everything but Norman's mind is lost by now.
All actors – Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, Meg Tilly, Robert Loggia, Dennis Franz, Hugh Gillin, Claudia Bryar, Robert Alan Browne, Ben Hartigan, Lee Garlington, Tim Maier, Jill Carroll
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