“Fair Game” quotes

Movie Fair Game
Title Fair Game
Year 1995
Director Andrew Sipes
Genre Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
Plot – Specialist in family law, lawyer Kate McQueen reports what seems to be a dangerous misadventure to Inspector Max Kirkpatrick. However, when Kate's house is destroyed, it is clear that someone wants to kill her, someone so well informed as to tail her and Max, who has to protect her. It seems she is being followed by a “mysterious Russian commando” and Max is kept busy saving Kate from their weapons and their laser detectors. Max makes an appointment with his trusted colleague Louis to meet with the FBI; he falls into a trap which he and the woman barely survive, while his colleague dies. Meanwhile, the Russians leave a mysterious bullet that belongs to former KGB agents in Cuba. Once he realizes how good the Russians are at intercepting phones and credit cards, Max decides to abandon his mobile phone on a truckload of pigs, while Kate, in a computer store, goes through her documents. She finally understands that the cause of her trouble dates back to a divorce suit she dealt with involving a ship on which colonel Kazak, head of the commando which is chasing them, is connecting to an underwater cable that can give him access to international banking codes. Thanks to a bug the Russians planted in Max's van, they hound the inspector, who once again manages to escape. Kate, shocked, jumps on a train that Max will later reach by car. While the train ride encourages a growing passion between Kate and Max, Kazak finds them from a helicopter and has his men enter the train: Kate is captured and taken aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Kazak starts to transfer the money belonging to politicians corrupted by the KGB to his account. Max offers himself as a hostage instead of the woman, reaches the ship on an inflatable raft and kills all enemies after a merciless fight.
All actors – William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Steven Berkoff, Christopher McDonald, Miguel Sandoval, Johann Carlo, Salma Hayek, John Bedford Lloyd, Olek Krupa, Jenette Goldstein, Marc Macaulay, Sonny Carl Davis
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  • “- Kate McQuean: Do you know how they call a Florida cop in a three-piece suit?
    - Det. Max Kirkpatrick: No. What?
    - Kate McQuean: The defendant!”

    Cindy Crawford - Kate McQuean
    William Baldwin - Det. Max Kirkpatrick
    [Tag:lawyers, police]
  • “This is your mail because it has your name on it! My mail is sometimes addressed to occupant. Because, Max, I am the fucking occupant of my place! Whereas you are no longer an occupant. Is this sinking in? Get your shit out of my apartment!”
    Salma Hayek - Rita
    [Tag:break-up, leaving]
  • - Colonel Ilya Pavel Kazak: When did she become a "they"?
    - Rosa: She is with the cop. And he's very good. He took out our whole goddamn team!

    Steven Berkoff - Colonel Ilya Pavel Kazak
    Jenette Goldstein - Rosa
    [Tag:killing, police]
  • “No one tried to kill me! This is Miami. I'm local. We only shoot the tourists.”
    Cindy Crawford - Kate McQuean
  • “When I ran the KGB out of Cuba, I helped some... politically incorrect people hide billions of dollars in various free world accounts, but I kept the account numbers. Magic numbers. Now, your client's husband, may he rest in peace, knew the secrets of banking, while I knew the secrets of phone lines. A match made in heaven. So when the time was...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Steven Berkoff - Colonel Ilya Pavel Kazak
    [Tag:money, secrets]
  • “- Det. Max Kirkpatrick: Who's ever after you are real pros.
    - Kate McQuean: I guess I should be proud, it would be embarrassing to be killed by an amateur.”

    William Baldwin - Det. Max Kirkpatrick
    Cindy Crawford - Kate McQuean
    [Tag:danger, murder]
  • “- Jodi Kirkpatrick: They were the Navy SEALS of the spy world. Wet works, black bag jobs, electronic surveillance, if it was bad, these guys did it!
    - Det. Max Kirkpatrick: Fuck did, they're doing! And they're right on my ass!
    - Jodi Kirkpatrick: Avoid anything that leaves electronic footprints because they will find it! Seriously, these people...” (continue)
    (continue reading)

    Johann Carlo - Jodi Kirkpatrick
    William Baldwin - Det. Max Kirkpatrick
    [Tag:ability, crime]