“Speed 2: Cruise Control” quotes

Movie Speed 2: Cruise Control
Title Speed 2: Cruise Control
Year 1997
Director Jan de Bont
Genre Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
Plot – Annie Porter, the fresh licensed passenger of the first episode, is back. She has a relationship with Alex, a comforting Venice Beach police officer. One day Annie learns the man works in the Swat, an anti-crime section. To be forgiven Alex invites her to a cruise but he soon discovers he shouldn't have done that.
All actors – Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric, Willem Dafoe, Temuera Morrison, Brian McCardie, Christine Firkins, Mike Hagerty, Colleen Camp, Lois Chiles, Francis Guinan, Tamia, Jeremy Hotz, Enrique Murciano, Jessica Diz, Connie Ray, Patrika Darbo, Kimmy Robertson, Charles Parks, Susan Barnes, Bo Svenson, Royale Watkins, Alex Montesino, Mark Adair-Rios, Xavier Coronel, Tyler Patton, Craig A. Pinckes, Glenn Plummer, Allison Dean, Mike Robinson, Joe D'Angerio, Joe Foster, Richard Speight Jr., Michael O'Hagan, Christopher Wynne, Robert Herrick, Ivory Broome, Tim Conway, Tommy J. Huff, Jay Lacopo, Alexander de Bont, Kathryn Rossetter, Mark Beltzman, Mark Kriski, Ben Meyerson, Ben Siegler, Gustavo Laborie, Jennifer Badger, Cheryl Bermeo, Jeff Brockton, Don Pulford, Cliff McLaughlin, Matthew Taylor, P.J. Wagner, May Boss, Nancy Collet, Wilma Edward, Carlinhos Brown, Joe Morton, Heather O'Quinn, UB40
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