“Fun with Dick and Jane” quotes

Movie Fun with Dick and Jane
Title Fun with Dick and Jane
Year 2005
Director Dean Parisot
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Dick and Jane try to keep up with their neighbors high living standard. When Dick's company is involved in a scandal and he is left penniless, Dick and Jane come to terms with the possibility of losing everything. However, Dick has an idea: if stealing is fair enough for his boss, it will be the same for him. Through their new-found knowledge, he and Jane decide to take a hilarious revenge and teach the business world a lesson.
All actors – Jim Carrey, Téa Leoni, Alec Baldwin, Richard Jenkins, Angie Harmon, John Michael Higgins, Richard Burgi, Carlos Jacott, Aaron Michael Drozin, Gloria Garayua, Michelle Arthur, Stacey Travis, Timm Sharp, David Herman, Dempsey Pappion, Knox White, Walter Addison, Ralph Nader, Deena Adar, Jorey Bernstein, Dilva Henry, Luis Saguar, Rocael Leiva, Peter Breitmayer, P.J. Byrne, Pete Gardner, Kym Whitley, Gavin Grazer, Taso Papadakis, James St. James, Mary Gillis, Esther Scott, Larry Dorf, Dario Gonzalez, Emilio Rivera, Jullian Dulce Vida, Steve Seagren, Ivar Brogger, Clint Howard, Jack Conley, Huey Redwine, Wayne Flemming, Jason Marsden, Scott L. Schwartz, Bette Beatrice, Rick Overton, Kerry Hoyt, Kenji Nakamura, Rikio, Brian Tee, Phil Reeves, Daniel Espeseth, Garrett M. Brown, Stephnie Weir, Peter Weireter, Norma Fierre, Louis Weinstein, Peter Conklin, Steve Kehela, Rob Nagle, Frankie Levangie, Oliver Muirhead, Chris Ellis, Bob Morrisey, Kevin Ruf, Maggie Rowe, Tony Lupo, Staci Lawrence, Robert Alan Beuth, Alejandro Furth, Gian Franco Tordi, Jennifer Amorelli, Rod Britt, Michael A. Cassidy, Melissa Caudle, Ingrid Coree, Mark Correy, Vincent Curatola, Jeff Garlin, Andrew Harlander, Andray Johnson, Larry Kagele, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Laurie Metcalf, Acacia Morgan, Juliette Tinelle Ollie, Lilly Petruzzi, Tyson Power, Alexana Thomas, Tamara Craig Thomas
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