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Clint Howard quotes
  • “I am not what you would call a handsome man. The good Lord chose not to bless me with... with charm, athletic ability... or a fully functional brain.”
    Clint Howard - Paco
  • “- Shannon Christie: Get your filthy hands off me you ugly animal!
    - Flynn: That'll cost you a day's wage. Go ahead. Insult me again.
    - Shannon Christie:Pig.
    - Flynn: There goes tomorrow. Done?
    - Shannon Christie: Take Friday as well, you spineless little fraction of a man.”

    Nicole Kidman - Shannon Christie
    Clint Howard - Flynn
    [Tag:insult, money, wages]
  • “- Paco: Look at Bobby tackle. I haven't seen a tackle like that since Joe Montana.
    - Walter: Joe Montana was a quarterback, you idiot.
    - Paco: I said Joe Mantegna.”

    Clint Howard - Paco
    Allen Covert - Walter
    [Tag:mistake, name, sport]
  • “I do not attempt to orchestrate my career. I let God do that.”
    Clint Howard
  • Jesus Christ! He's not going to sell you insurance, pick him up!”

    Clint Howard - Ricco
    [Tag:death, disgust]
  • “People seem to be interested in me. So I try to keep my acting pretty simple.”
    Clint Howard
  • “My goal as a citizen is to do what I can to help the causes that I personally believe in.”
    Clint Howard
  • “- Jack Swigert: Uh, well, if anyone from the, uh, from the IRS is watching, I... forgot to file my, my, my 1040 return. Um, I meant to do it today, but, uh...
    - Sy Liebergot: That's no joke. They'll jump on him!”

    Kevin Bacon - Jack Swigert
    Clint Howard - Sy Liebergot
  • “- Rughead: This gang thing was okay when we had the edge, but now that there's that wraith out there that killed Oggie...
    - Skank: A what out there, man?
    - Rughead: A wraith, man! A ghost! A evil spirit - and it ain't cool!”

    Clint Howard - Rughead
    David Sherrill - Skank
    [Tag:danger, ghosts]